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Many are pointing to last month’s Sunspot National Observatory shutdown, the switch to a limited “safe mode” on the Hubble and Chandra telescopes, and the sudden failure of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover as evidence that strange events occurring on the planet may be intentionally obfuscated. I have been writing in several capacities for several decades. Since it took about 90 minutes to orbit the Earth, they were able to view the craft for about 45 minutes, so they got a really good look at it. The journalist then claimed that the image proves the claims of UFO investigators that NASA has been intentionally withholding information on extraterrestrial life, as well as its presence here on Earth and in space. There are also Russian Zond 3 photographs of a spire towering miles high, a group of eight 15-story obelisks, glass-like domes, huge bridges, giant satellite dishes, and other strange-looking structures on the Moon. Now, before scoffing too loudly, have you ever wondered why we never went back to the Moon after the Apollo missions or why the Russians never followed us? In December 1835, famous astronomer Francis Bailey reported seeing a star-like light in a lunar crater called Aristarchus—the same type of thing still reported today. He went on to state that they saw the anomalous object first on the light side of the orbit, but when they entered the dark side, the craft had simply disappeared. . Proponents of the Spaceship Moon theory cite the fact that the Moon also appears to be hollow, which would further substantiate their claims if it were true, and if you add in the fact that NASA rang the Moon like a bell, well, you decide. And when astronauts attempted to drill into the craters, they were barely able to penetrate the surface, discovering processed metals like brass, mica, and pure titanium. But this theory has been widely dismissed due to the differences in core composition and the fact that the moon is almost a billion years older than the Earth. It is a source of cosmic phenomena, providing us with beautiful eclipses, changing tides, and hopefully a future staging point for missions to Mars and beyond. It is a well-known fact that Apollo astronauts, and the ground crews at NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas, used terms during space missions such as “bogey” and “Santa Claus” as code names when referring to unidentified flying objects sighted by the astronauts while in space. Afanasyev said that the object followed their ship for one half of an entire orbit. There has been an interminable debate as to whether we actually landed on the moon, what was found there, or to what extent NASA has been hiding information from us. Alleged Volcanic Eruption on Mars Sparks NASA Cover-Up Conspiracy, Asgardia: The Space Nation Now Accepting Citizenship Applications, David Adair Says He Designed Fusion Rocket Engine Like One Found at Area 51, The Interstellar Cloud is Bringing Space Weather to Our Solar System, We're Overdue For The 150-year Carrington Event, Weather Modification Technology -- Decades of Ever-Increasing Tempo, What is the Cabal and How Dark Forces Control the Masses. But amid the quarreling and speculation, the number of anomalous features on the moon has puzzled scientists and conspiracy theorists alike. There are two ways that planets typically acquire moons, through accretion or capture. The same source went on to say that it is suspected that NASA has destroyed similar structures on the surface of the Moon in an effort to get rid of evidence proving extraterrestrial life was there. Find our podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts: iTunes, google play, spotify, stitcher, podbean, soundcloud, castbox FOLLOW US ON MY SOCIALS ! Old Indian Text Describes Aircraft Invisibility Technologies Now Investigated by Modern Science, Oracle of the Dead: Ancient Greeks Communicated with the Deceased, Spain 1991: Amazing Coincidence Saves Zaragoza from a Terrorist Attack, Mexico 2004: Policeman Attacked By Witch-like Entity, Bulgaria 1980s: Woman Has Encounter With an Entity on a Hovering Throne, Ancient Sparta and many other monuments destroyed by 18th century abbe Michele Fourmont. In July 1969, former NASA employee and amateur HAM radio operator Otto Bender claimed that he allegedly intercepted a radio message from the Apollo 11 astronauts to Houston Control and that they reported seeing alien spacecraft on the surface of the Moon, as well as something else to the effect that they, the UFOs, were parked near the edge of a crater watching them. The fact that scientists have purportedly confirmed that the composition of the Moon would be perfect for this purpose—building basically a huge craft—seems to substantiate this in a perplexing way. Arsia Mons happens to be the planet’s second largest volcano in terms of volume and is home to a series of caves NASA has studied as the best places to situate research and habitation modules. All other planets with moons that size are massive gas giants. The legend tells of Wowane and Mpanku, who brought the moon to Earth after stealing it from a great fire dragon.

Neil Armstrong has been quoted as saying that the reason why the US government failed to go ahead with their plans for a manned Moon base is because they were ordered not to do so by “unknown extraterrestrials.” In fact, Armstrong purportedly stated to a NASA symposium, “The fact is, we were warned off.”[8] Remember, this is Neil Armstrong saying this—one of the most famous people of the 20th century and the first man to walk on the Moon. Fortunately for us humans, the Moon shows us its friendly side, the “Man on the Moon,” which is good because we could have what would look like nothing less like a giant eye staring down on us if were to show us the other side instead. Take your pick.[6]. Cover-up or conspiracy? They are said to have emptied out the egg-like satellite of its ‘yolk,’ subsequently placing it in orbit around the Earth. A further examination showed that this water had twice the levels of a deuterium isotope compared to water found on Earth. They call it the Spaceship Moon theory, and they contend that the Moon is an artificial structure and was intentionally placed in its present location. The module crashed close enough to the device to get good seismic readings, and the data they got back revealed startling evidence that the Moon could be hollow because it reverberated like a bell for close to an hour. Greek Writing System Spans Millennia and Did Not Originate From the Phoenicians. who knows?[7]. Without the moon orbiting precisely where it is, it’s possible that life on Earth wouldn’t exist, or at least wouldn’t have evolved to the point that it has. puzzled scientists and conspiracy theorists alike.

Another strange characteristic recorded on the moon from one of Apollo 14’s ALSEPs was the presence of a cloud of water vapor on the moon.

They say the reason NASA isn’t willing to disclose this information to the public is that they believe it would cause panic and damage the balance of life on Earth by upsetting both religion and the rule of law. These inhabitants of Arcadia where also known as Proselenes (meaning “those that were before moon” in Greek). Craters are thought to be the result of meteorite and asteroid impacts, meaning there should be a certain proportion between their depth and width. The plume appears to originate from the planet’s supposedly dormant Arsia Mons volcano. Conspiracy and speculation erupted across the internet yesterday over an alleged volcanic plume stretching roughly 1,200 miles across the Martian atmosphere. This would adjust the orientation of the Earth to the Sun so significantly that the Sun would shift to be situated directly over the poles rather than the equator where it currently is.

Their equipment recorded activity ranging from meteorite strikes to man-made explosions, and crash landings of Apollo rockets. Coupled with the huge building complexes and other structures purported to be all over the dark side of the Moon, the theory that someone else is there might have more legs than many scientists are willing to admit, according to their own statements. Their theory was based on these observable anomalies, claiming the Moon was an artificial shell that had been inhabited internally for years. simple explanation from NASA that seems to make everyone’s concerns seem trivial.

These qualities, along with its assistance in maintaining the Earth’s lifesaving magnetic field, are directly responsible for both our tides and our stable rotation. Our moon Luna is 3,476 kilometers (2,160 mi) in diameter, and if it was even a bit more or less, a complete eclipse of the Sun or Moon would never occur. Massive Tesla Tower Suddenly Appears in Field Outside Waco, TX, 4-Year University Study Discredits Official 9/11 Narrative. and Pyrra’s generation (before the cataclysm); when the moon did not exist and the only humans that existed were the Pelasgians living on the mountains of Arcadia (region in Greece). The astronauts were given a series of ALSEPs, or Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Packages to set up seismographs and initiate detonations ranging from shotgun-like charges to mortars with multiple grenades. Arsia Mons is located within a tightly situated line of volcanoes on Mars, collectively known as Tharsis Montes, which lie in the shadow of Olympus Mons – the largest volcano in our solar system (more than twice the size of Mt. NASA has attributed the plume to water ice clouds that are gathering over the volcano. The Moon is a little more than one-quarter of the size of Earth, another bizarre characteristic compared to any other natural satellite in our cosmic region. Some prominent scientists have formed a theory about why we haven’t gone back, and they claim to have evidence backing it up. As it stands, NASA does have a publication called the Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events describing a large number of similar weird events that have been recorded on or around the Moon over the centuries.

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