william and sly 3

There's a tree in the middle of the temple structure which has a secret perch you can stand on to get a leg up. They are typically fun point and click games that put mental challenges before you. http://www.kongregate.com/games/Kajenx/william-and-sly ^ Play for yourself!

I'm not sure why it was called "William and Sly" though, since there wasn't much William at all. I otherwise really love the game, but this glitch is rather disappointing. i <3 this game soooo much! BOOM ... Nicky Out. Use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to move around, and tap [up] or [W] to leap. But then he gains the awesome ability, and it really feels like it could have been more. Copyright © 2007 - 2020 flasharcadegamesite.com. Fun and relaxing.

The area design is actually well laid-out, and with how big the map is I'm a little flabbergasted at the amount of work that must have gone into it. Especially nice was the music, much better than the normal "arcade" type stuff. Help William to get his diary back, that was stolen by mean trolls.

Someguy, here's how to get that chest you're talking about. Ever. I'm playing on after beating the game and I just want to see everything. I like the fox and for me it was perfect. Despite the drawbacks, I'm glad I played it and I believe the designer has great potential. It's an okay game, but I was ultimately disappointed. And also too easy.

Have still got five mushrooms to find though! I mean, this is a game about FOX catching FIREflies.

Yeah, it's pretty, and the fairyflies floating around was an amazing effect, and there's nothing in the game technically wrong, but it just feels so pointless. Then comes a final boss who is... annoying and seemingly unbeatable. Very nice watercolor job on their part. Imagine the room cut in to two halves, the top half and the bottom half. Immediately after activating a rune, run into a darkling while you're still covered in white magic.

Although, maybe the snake eats them before you can use them anyway? Guys the snake is very very very easy use this strategy and you will beat him in about a minute. For those of you having trouble with the snake: It doesn't matter how many flies you have at the beginning, the snake will eat them. He passes across the screen in a pattern: on the bottom with mouth open, then bottom with mouth closed, then top with mouth open, and top with mouth closed...and it keeps repeating like that. I shut it off because the snake was too frustrating. hurrah? You can memorize where they spawn rather easily.

I can't get all 5 fairyflies and get to the runestone in time... Help me please! you sit on the dais until it says, "Your mind has taken flight!". It annoyed me that I couldn't collect extra fairies and take out the last of the slime monsters. Everything I've seen so far has been brilliant, but I'm far from finished. It has something to do with where the snake sees you on the mouth-closed pass, but I couldn't pin down if it was at the beginning or the end of the pass, and I would sometimes still be surprised by where it showed up. But when I played the game, I instantly noticed the great animations for William and Sly. We may use cookies to help customize your experience, including performing Yeah, no. I can't get enough flies to activate the stone because every time I get one or two, the snake flies by and eats them. So, for example, if the snake has a closed mouth on the top half, it will have an open one on the bottom half, and vice versa. For people who are having trouble with the last rune, here is a little trick I used. Explore the beautiful surroundings as you take William and Sly on a real adventure. it shocked me when that snake thing came. It will go on the top half twice (once with mouth open, once with closed)and on the bottom half twice (same pattern). To fly you simply HOLD the jump button and you will commence flying. And I got that mushroom on the shelf.

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