white dragon betta

With some mishaps, the wild betta sp. Dragon is the term used to mention the variety or type of scale of a given specimen. These are very resistant fish and although the labyrinth organ allows them to survive in oxygen depleted waters, it would be a mistake not to make water changes frequently (approximately 25% water weekly.). This is a resistant fish which makes of it a good choice for beginners. Thanks for visiting my blog. Curious about how high he would sell, I kept a watch on him and when his auction finished up on Sunday evening, I must admit I was amazed at what he went for. ( Log Out /  The color is not bright.

Sequential improvements improved the effect, so that in a few generations bettas with heavier iridescence and fully masked faces began to appear: La Betta sp. Dreaming about Crabs: everything you need to know.

Both dragon betta fish and armadillos described above are characterized by a thick iridescent metal inlay that almost resembles armor. The dragon factor is a gene that can be passed down from generation to generation. There have been reports of red and black dragons with a bluish glow on their scales, but so far no real blue dragons have developed with this typical thick, silvery/white scaling. Many people often take care of the fish in aquarium for making beauty concept in their house. We invite you to read our article the anatomy of fish to learn about this really interesting topic. The Dragon Scale Bettas’ Main Characteristics, Grey Seals: Characteristics, habitats, reproduction and more. It’s  known that several variants of a certain gene (polymorphisms) may exist within a population of a certain species such as Betta splendens, Betta imbellis, Betta smaragdina and Betta Mahachai all share a common ancestor, there is the possible that such genetic variants also exist between these subspecies and that they were combined crossing the different subspecies.

As with any fish species, a poor water quality increases the dragon bettas’ susceptibility to major diseases and like any other fish species their health is closely linked to the conditions in their environment. Ok, Dude.. That’s all.. Hopefully you will enjoy it! The crown is usually black with the combination of Y crown forms. They were not only difficult but temperamental, and it was only with a little trial and error that a successful specimen was obtained among a Betta sp. This shared origin probably explains the similarity between metallics and dragons, but in the case of seconds the additional influence of Betta sp. Dragon Betta fish will grow between 6 and 7 cm in length and their average lifespan is 2 to 3 years with proper care. The up and down crowns are sometime named fins. The descendants resulting from the crossing of two female metal heterozygous (BT171007B) resulted in homozygous, heterozygous and non-metallic offspring without this unique appearance that was observed before. Please Support Us with Share and Like! This characteristic was also transmitted to the offspring when a heterozygous dragon was crossed to a metal fish heterozygous (BT271107). As they are hard to get, but people like the word "dragon" pet stores pass off any odd looking betta as an expensive dragonscale. Male specimens are completely intolerant of each other and anything they mistake with another male Betta will be attacked by these beautiful but sometimes aggressive fish. The tank must be decorated in a way that allows them to live happily, provided with a few hideouts and some shallow covers. Such a scales are owed to an excess of guanine.

Therefore, the place treatment is so valuable. The white color is more glowing so it seems so attractive when the fish swims from one side to other sides. Dragon bettas are undemanding and because of their size they can be kept in a small aquarium. This is almost impossible to prevent in a very small tank. Dragon bettas have two forms of primary mutation: a xanthorosa form that is an excess of yellow pigmentation and a black form. These fish have been selectively selected through generations of breeders, Process through which a lot of varieties have been developed, such as the betta dragon the species that you will know today. You have to also protect the beauty of you fish, especially in the part of crown. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Dragon Scale Bettas belong to the Betta family of fish and together with the Guppys and goldfish are considered to be one of the most popular aquarium fish today. The initial idea came from a book by Walt Maurus, in which he included a photograph of a very unique betta that was the result of crossing Betta splendens with wild bettas such as the Betta imbellis. You have entered an incorrect email address! Making the attention of fish feed. habitat and more…, Ghost-Crystal Shrimps: Everything you should know about them. So far several genes have been characterized which affect the iridescent layer:  the classic iridiscent metallic blue (blbl), turquoise (BlBl) and real blue (Blbl), metallic or iridophore reflective yellow which is the wild type variant of the reduced yellow iridophore Locus and the extended iridescence gene (EI) which is responsible for the increase in iridescent color density and distribution. Welcome to The FishTankWeb.Com.

5 Ways to Take Care your White Dragon King Crown Betta. Mahachai is the key to the shiny armor as a metallic flake, when compared to the wild type Betta imbellis and Betta Mahachai it is already observed that the iridescence is brighter and thicker in the last one.

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