tiger muskie bait colorado

It's extremely rewarding when you do finally get into a few, but it's taken me years. First.. Quit your job and get rid of the girl friend/wife, kids too. Then within a 2 hour span I had three tigers on and lost one that looked to be easily 30 pounds! Hold your rod tip up slightly and jig or “pop” the medussa once, twice and then reel down to pick up your line and repeat.

True Leech Lake strain!

So I bought the biggest of each kind and had a battle of physical fortitude.

baitsbest muskie baitsbest musky baitshow tohow to catch muskymuskiemuskyNebraska Muskie Girl, Die-hard muskie & trout angler with a passion. When fishing on points, try sitting shallow and casting out deep. If anyone would have an idea on how to get one on a fly rod it would be him. http://nebraskamuskiegirl.com. We've already got plenty of pike, and now we'll have the muskie to cross them with. For the early spring and fall, I like to snap on a Phantom with a soft tail and let it sink. There are local lakes that have been stocked with tigers. Kaitlin Woodward’s Kayak Bowfishing Setup, The Lake is Calling and I Must Go - Advice From Avid Fishermen Jane Davis, Fishing the Red River for World Class Catfish, Kayak Fishing for Muskie: An Insane Passion. What with the CPW cultivating their own pure muskie broodstock in that private lake in Bow-Mar we will see a Tiger Muskie explosion in the next 5-10 years. My first day muskie fishing, in May of 2015, I caught two muskies in an hour. ^^^ if you are serious about catching Musky, rather than waste huge amounts of time chasing them in CO...go to where they live. Most tiger muskies are either released or mounted, but some are also eaten. If that doesn’t produce, I run out just a little deeper to the drop off and cast parallel and inwards to the weedline. Tough and determined fighters, these fish are known to be one of the more highly revered sport fish of freshwater. Good luck! When & Where to Use Them: Double bucktails can really be used year round. Quick Tip: I find muskies tend to follow double bucktails more than anything else I throw.

I just moved right across from pinewood, and have also decided that I have sinned enough in my life that I should go hunting for muskies as penance. We have plenty.

Everything You Want to Know About the Crappie Spawn (& Why They Turn Black), THE MYSTERIOUS TIGER TROUT—HOW & WHERE TO CATCH TIGER TROUT, My Top 3 Muskie Baits That Just Simply Catch Muskie, 5 ICE FISHING GEAR MUST-HAVES FOR THE FEMALE ANGLER. 5 No-Fail Fishing Tips For Every Angler.

In colder water I let it pause for just a second or two longer than I would in warmer water as muskies are more lethargic. When & Where to Use Them: I use glidebaits nearly year round.

Let me know if you need a partner in this idiotic pursuit.

My biggest fish in every state I have muskie fished came on a double bucktail. I only know this from more than a couple painful misses from the only bite of the day. Sunrise ↠ Sunset,

http://outdoorgrips.com I LOVE throwing cowgirls all day and getting a jig ripper changed my life! My Top 3 Muskie Baits That Just Simply Catch Muskie. How To Work Them: The rhythm of a glidebait is versatile and you can choose how long to “let it hang” before picking up your line for another sweep.

Hey all, I live in Colorado and found some water where I’ve had success twitching Tiger Muskies. The tiger muskellunge (Esox masquinongy × lucius or Esox lucius × masquinongy), commonly called tiger muskie, is a carnivorous fish, and is the usually-sterile, hybrid offspring of the true muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) and the northern pike (Esox lucius).It lives in fresh water and its range extends to Canada, the Northeast, and the Midwest United States.

I'd fish a black and red, grey and white, and maybe a rainbow color for the flies.

Because of this, wanting to throw confidence baits all day, and not drinking enough milk as a kid (sorry mom), over my short time muskie fishing, my wrists nearly cannot take it. Cachemall, got it!

You may be wondering now why are double bucktails #3 on this list of my top muskie baits—They are extremely hard to throw all day. Then finally you'll be on the water when magic happens and somehow it justifies the hundreds of hours spent. A lower gear ratio reel (less line put on the spool per rotation of the handle) means makes pulling in blades slower, but with less strain on your wrist.

And still nothing.

Jigging & Popping: The last way I work these baits works best in the late summer and fall since it really slows down the presentation.

When & Where to Use Them: While using plastic for every species is a surefire way to find bites, fishing mid-summer to fall with Medussas is when that muskie plastic really shines. Caught on green power bait. Without sounding long-winded, I really hope this article, my favorite three baits and any tips I could give you in using them, help you in your quest for muskie. I will go more in-depth with articles as time passes, but to keep it simple I want to first share my top three muskie baits, how and when to work them, and some other considerations to keep in mind to help you catch the ole toothies.

If you look through the field editors you'll find him.

The biggest tiger I have seen came out of Chatfield.

How To Work Them: Burn, baby burn! There have to be a few monsters lurking in there still.

I went there this summer and I followed my joes fly in and then just hung out and laughed at me for 15 minutes before getting bored with me. These super life-like northern pike and muskie lures don’t carry a fancy brand name, which means they represent one of the best bangs for your bucks when it comes to musky lures. July 3, 2018. Again, more often than not, I pick up the smaller size as it is less cumbersome and quickly reacts to everything I do with my rod.

But what I can give you instead is knowledge from a culmination of all the days, back-breaking, wrist falling off, exhausted and worn, that I have spent thus far muskie chasing. Erin Howard.

I can’t promise you a muskie article based on 30 years of experience, heck I am barely 23. Let your bucktail sink. Of course you might be one of the very few very fortunate. Hopefully you still go out and target some Tigers even with what some of us are saying.

Admittedly it was dumb luck, but the research I did beforehand led me to those fish and I hope for nothing more than to inspire you to get out and cast. We've already got plenty of pike, and now we'll have the muskie to cross them with.

Keep the rod tip pointed down towards the water and reel in. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Don't miss it!! How To Work Them: There are three main ways I like to work these baits: Straight retrieve, pull and reel, and lastly, jigging and popping.

Not that I don't like it, it's just everyone and their mother like it there also. You can read more about the role played in the state’s aquatic ecosystem by the tiger muskie — “a silent predator” — on a special section of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

My Top 3 Muskie Baits That Just Simply Catch Muskie. Left and right swings that are near 180 degrees from each other.

Erin Howard.

Gear . These fish were introduced into Colorado in the 1980s for the purpose of biologically controlling suckers and carp and providing a trophy-sized fish .The biggest fish ever caught in Colorado was a tiger muskie. Somehow you convince yourself you just need to spend more time chasing them, so you do and the taunting follows continue. Pull & Reel: The second way is to sweep your rod to the side, and bring it back forward while continuing to reel the line. Ajax summed it up perfectly, tiger musky are the most challenging fish to even get to look at the end of your line especially on a fly rod , i suggest just to fish for pike they are dumber and easier. Reel fast because if a muskie hits as the bait is falling you might miss the hookset if you have too much slack line. CPW has numerous aquatics teams who monitor how the fish populations are doing in reservoirs and other bodies of water across the state.

It will become an obsession and can get very expensive. These are also one of the best selling musky lures on Amazon.

If you follow up one hard sweep by another too quickly without picking up the line the action is affected.

Thanks for all the info guys. Saves your hand and wrist from holding the reel.

THE MYSTERIOUS TIGER TROUT—HOW & WHERE TO CATCH TIGER TROUT. Gear, How To. Make sure you have big enough gear to horse them out as the current in there is gnarly and there are tons of underwater obstructions they'll tangle you on and snap your line.

And not just those baby tigers either.

I had a feeling you'd say the cove. And emptied my tackle box at it. Dead and dying weeds suck oxygen from the water and fish typically steer clear.

What this does is make that bait run-run-run, and then fall. But they are still young but thriving. Then you may as well move on. It is said.

Kayak fishing, Hybrid chasing, Which is why I switched to throwing plastic and glidebaits over double bladed spinners. I should have figure 8 my fly at the end but instead I did what I do with pike which is let it drop and twitch it. Why I Like Them: My very first muskie came on a Nebraska lake, burning a double bladed spinner and many, many of my biggest fish have followed suit.

Hundreds of follows can make a man go insane. When the muskies follow, no matter if they are nose to the bait, or lazily following behind, I speed up. But here's an explanation to you CO natives and Rocky Mountain types that may be watching this thread. There are tiger musky in CO but they are few and far between, I hope you're a young man because by the time you get one, you may have grandkids. special section of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. If those fish are left unchecked they might dominate Colorado’s waters.

The tiger muskie looks huge in CPW’s photo. Even though in order to keep the blades spinning, you cannot add a ton of action to blades, I still like to jerk my rod tip down in the water with a quick wrist motion to get some extra flair from the skirt or bucktail.

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