thylacine sightings map

But knowing that thylacine were meant to be extinct he was worried that he may have been loosing his mind. They have the benefits of privacy in the extensive mountain bush and ample hunting grounds on the myriads of grassy plains and lightly timbered areas that dot the mountainous region. and gave permissinon for the story to be relayed but no names or things that could be used for identification been given.

He said "It's not just quolls." Podcast Episode 9 - would we tell the world if discovered evidence of the Thylacine. View Larger Map. On the trail of the tiger - thylacine sightings map and tour A post-extinction history of the Tasmanian tiger The tour has been updated and moved.

Please described the incident as best as you can : I live on a 150 acre With the animals in question displaying similar behaviour.

I was walking through selectively cleared area at the rear of the property which backs on to wood forests of eucalypt which meets onto Dularcha National Park= . I asked him what other animals he was concerned about and he went a bit quiet for a while, looking at the bottle of Cascade light in his hand. long tail held straight out.

At first I thought it was stray dogs so I beeped my horn to try and get them out of the way.

check my Cray pots and the animal walked across the track in front of

medium to dark brownish grey, with dark rings around its tail. Copyright © 2017, T.R.U.

big was the animal (e.g. The young man did not stop but was travelling slowly at the time due to the nature of the dirt road he was travelling on. Use the arrows to zoom in and out and move the interactive map around. town when I got lost (lucky me) when I saw these two creatures crossing the road.

As largely a nocturnal animal they hunt during the evening, night and early morning on grassy plains and open woodlands.

Podcast Episode 10 - Special Guest Jack Tessier of A.C.R.O, T.R.U. The Melbourne Zoo recorded the birth of four pups in captivity on the mainland, (contrary to most reports that no Thylacines were ever bred in captivity). can you All site content (text and images) © wherelightmeetsdark except where otherwise credited. I asked, and he became a little furtive and said "Sort of." Map of reported sightings in the south west of Western Australia. rove up the hill from my house with a 12 year old passenger and we saw the animal run very fast across the road. A young boy grew up in a small community with intense interest in his natural environment and familiar with the local animal species due to spending all of his time in the bush.

The two cars were travelling in convoy with several hundred metres separating them due to dust. Unfortunately, the response was negative. Then when the didn’t move I inspected them further (sorry about my English) I saw they had a black striped pattern that reminded me of a tiger. bat of some description flying just above our windscreen, and seen a

We had just been alarmed by a low-flying grey

neither a dog, a kangaroo/wallaby, nor a very large quoll or anything

There are still many thousands of square kilometres of bush land that have had no more exploration than an aerial survey.

Thylacine Research Unit - T.R.U.

It was T.R.U.

T.R.U. nothing to be seen. I have heard other stories from the eastern side of the great divide in northern NSW from old timers, (usually second hand), and a first hand story from the snowy mountains in NSW where a Thylacine was seen eating a rabbit on the side of the road in about 1985, and another story from the early sixties near Byron Bay- two blokes travelling together came to Kakadu and told me about a woman in Byron who had been hounded out of town for claiming to have seen a Thylacine, (including by the storytellers) but then they saw it too, and felt really bad. many different animals. Even though we were

(To start tour now, just click Play). As i was coming back up and about to leave that area I thought a goanna was coming through the bush of consistently sarsaparilla vine, so got a bit out of the way so it wouldn't run right into me. cat, small dog, large dog, sheep, fox sized) : Estimated height from ground to shoulder : Distinguishing The sighting led to an extensive year-long government-funded search.

Description of Animal: Bigger than a cat or a fox, longer tail than both almost like a greyhound tail, female kelpie size, long back legs, small cat like head, at the top with a foxor dog type muzzle. Use the arrows to zoom in and out and move the interactive map around. me. He continued on to the next closest town as he was unfamiliar with the way next to travel and to wait for his parents. A marsupial carnivore would seek a preferred habitat. The property was called "Whynot" near Silent Grove and the sighting was about two and a half years before he was talking to me- about 2005.

describe the location of the sighting?

since it was formed. (At the time of the sighting he had no idea of what a thylacine was). appearance and movement, which seemed bizarre. 2007/03/20 - 20 sightings in the tour, 1953 to 2001, all Tasmania. 1957 in a Rural New South Wales in a small aboriginal community west of Sydney.

I have a few ideas and would be interested to hear from anyone who has any pertinent information regarding the topics I have discussed, I am particularly interested in sightings from these areas. I began explaining about 1080 being the best fox bait because most native animals had some resistance to it, as it occurred naturally in the environment in the vegetation, and explained that when it was buried and widely spaced, the chances of quolls getting a lethal dose were much reduced.

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