symbols in dracula

The symbolism of blood and religion is used wisely in Dracula and keeps the readers’ attention and makes one think of the different meanings these symbols can have. Dracula also had its focus on the conflict between Eastern and Western Europe. The theme of religion is quite vivid in Bram Stoker’s “”Dracula.”” Through its main character, Dracula, the novel depicts Anti-Christian beliefs and values.

Dracula (1897), Bram Stoker – Psychiatrists in 19th-century fiction. Blood coincides with many facets of this story. For instance, Jonathan, on his first trip into Romania, will leave the “grey of the morning” with a “high sun” whose path leads towards “the distant horizon, which seems jagged” (Dracula, 11). Special offer for readers. However, this peak also marked the commencement of a decline in their power. Once Van Helsing discovers Mina is the Count’s next target he hypothesizes that she may have a mystical bond with the vampire. Insome cases the wards are familiar symbols, such as the Catholic idols, but in others Helsing employs folk magic in his arsenal. In chapter 13, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is depicted as one who embraces Catholicism when he goes ahead to remove a small, gold crucifix from his neck and places it on the mouth of Lucy’s corpse (Starrs, 2004). As Modernity and British Idealism take up strong roots in the Victorian climate, matters of religion experience a decline.

As the characters adhere to the English Anglican Church, their ideals stem away from the idolatry of the Catholic Church. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, the world witnessed the birth of modern psychiatry and psychology (Subotsky, 2009). Catholic symbols like the rosary, the cross, prayer ritual, and the Holy Communion Host are used for protection to overcoming the evil Count Dracula.

The motif of hands begins rather early on in the novel and is constantly harked on by Stoker. (24). The other relationship that the novel shares with Christianity, is Dracula’s ability to control the weather as well as his other supernatural abilities that only God can do. Kindle Edition. Subotsky, F. (2009).

Only through Van Helsing’s ritual butchering of the vampire Lucy can she be restored to her former, virginal innocence. Stroke illustrates the transformation of English society into the modern era of the early 20th century through various formats. Its effectiveness, stems from its capability to play on human fears. In addition, the different forms taken by Dracula’s threats including the influence of hypnotic suggestion, invasion from the East and the sexual assaults against women is a reflection of the concerns of the time and place the novel was written in.

#Blood In the novel, the number three is used symbolically in the novel. In the early chapters Mina explains that she is practicing it frequently alongside her use of the typewriter, hinting that is losing its efficiency but is still relevant. In conclusion, the novel Dracula has clearly used symbolism to portray the various themes that were intended for the audience. Of course He goes ahead to call it an imaginative pool of races (Schuller, 2009).

#Themes Stoker is taking the motif of color and using it to relay Jonathan’s future to the reader: the land has infinite potential for beauty, but behind it lies a rough, unattractive feature. It was at this time, famous psychologists like Sigmund Freud published their theories of the unconscious as well as those of sexuality and who was also of the idea that the mind is shrouded with more darkness and mystery than most would suppose (McCrea, 2010). Dyer, R. (2002). You tell me why, when other spiders die small and soon, that one great spider lived for centuries in the tower of the old Spanish church and grew and grew, till, on descending, he could drink the oil of all the church lamps? #A Decline and Return to Faith. For instance, within the same impassioned speech that Mina delivers in chapter XXV, Quincey, Van Helsing, Goldaming, as well as Jonathan will all unite hands as a physical sign of loyalty to Mina’s wishes. The men and women in Dracula adhere to clearly defined, Victorian-era gender roles.

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