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Hoping to win a big race, Ruby asks fairy godmother Tizzy to lend a hand.

When Sofia meets Gwen, a young kitchen maid with a talent for inventing, she encourages her to follow her creative dreams. Amber demands Sofia help her stop an evil Crystalmaster from covering the Isles in magic crystals -- but secretly wants to secure an amulet of her own. Vor then invades the castle, where she places King Roland and his family under the same spell she used on Chrysta to make Roland surrender his crown (which she then incinerates into a pile of ash) and then imprison themselves. As the Enchanted Science Fair nears, Sofia and her classmates pair up to find magical objects atop a mountain, a quest that tests their friendship. Vor Sofia is back for more adventures and heroics, meeting magical creatures and helping her friends confront new enemies. Ariel Winter, Darcy Rose Byrnes, Sara Ramirez. Sofia's friend Prince Hugo loves to ice dance, but he's afraid of what his father, King Garrick, will think.

Sofia uses a spell to make a double of herself so she can be in two places at once, but the copy ends up causing trouble at the Highland Hootenanny. Miranda's sad that the family is too busy to spend quality time together, so Sofia suggests a family vacation, but things don't go exactly as planned. Vor's spirit form has an resemblance to the spirit of the Evil Queen's magic mirror. But things get complicated when Princess Amber starts a club of her own. During her family vacation on a floating palace, Sofia arrives at a special cove and befriends a curious young mermaid. She succeeds in bringing all of the Wicked Nine together and reforms her magic ring, releasing her from the locket that the Protectors trapped her in long ago as well.

Sofia & her friends & family (who now know of her Amulet's capabilities) attempted to stop Vor, but she powerful at first. Sofia and Calista use a magical mirror to see what caused it. Vor is basically described as conniving, vain, crafty and completely evil with absolutely no redeeming qualities. After a series of mishaps, Sofia makes a wish to relive her birthday trouble-free -- until a spell has her stuck in a time loop. One of the griffins, the creatures who guard the jewels, escapes. King Roland tells her that the Trolls can never leave their caves. He's getting ready to throw a big party with magic carpets. After water floods his home, Clover moves in with Sofia. An urgent phone call pulls a Yale Law student back to his Ohio hometown, where he reflects on three generations of family history and his own future. When their parents leave them in charge, Sofia, Amber and James attempt to make peace between two fighting elves. Pooh's Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community.

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