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Boys and girls socks are essentially the same, barring any aesthetic differences. , not just wider calves. The sock will run from your ankle to about 75% of the way up your thigh (to meet the Velcro tabs on your jock). Luckily the internet came to the rescue and I found  great instructions on how to work this out, here. Even if the socks are. Divide that number by two for your “gauge”. Parents, you already know children are a handful, so just add their sock sizes onto the list of grievances. Please share your feedback with us! If you are looking to convert shoe sizes to sock sizes or Euro sizes, we've provided a helpful chart below: Disclaimer: If the manufacturer lists a sock size, the shoe size may not line up perfectly with the conversion chart. If you see a pattern you love but it’s for a different gender, you might still consider giving it a try unless you have exceptionally small or large feet! FREE SHIPPING ON $25+ ORDERS. But fear not! Thigh highs can be a suitable alternative to wear during the colder months, since they cover much of the leg. Shoot us an email or call us at (800) 930-0955.

Whether you’re buying men’s, women’s, or kid’s socks, the foundation for finding the right size is to first measure your foot length . Multiply the measurement you took in Step 1 by your stitch gauge (# of stitches in 1″). If your shoe size is anywhere in the range of 8-12.5, then you should have no problem buying a 10-13 pair of socks. If you are knitting a sock using our REGIA PAIRFECT yarn, you have no choice but to know how many stitches to cast on, as this sock must be knitted from the top-down, to work with the Pairfect technology. Sock Sizing. The sock fairies are here with the answers to all your sock size questions. It’s recommended, considering the rate of growth, to go a size up. An important note on US sock sizes: they do resemble their shoe size counterpart.

Sock Heights. Privacy Policy | No show socks are used in athletics, affording temperature regulation and optimal mobility. Sorry, you've already spun the wheel for signing up.

1. The length of your foot in inches —from the heel to the tip of your toe—is what actually determines your sock size. So, how do you know when you’ve increased enough? More elastic and other design changes make these fabulous socks work well for slim legs, wider legs and everything in between. For every pair of socks we sell, we include info on what shoe size will work for those socks. So we thought it could be very good to write a quick post about sizing, to help you out with all your questions. A sock size chart can be confusing, making you want to avoid it all together.

Keep in mind that even if we don’t offer a wide calf version of a certain knee high style, it may still work for you if it has a relatively simple pattern. If you’re shopping for kids around age 10 or in the pre-teen years, it’s probably a good idea to just skip right to. If this is the case, we’d like to suggest you try knitting using our tutorial “The easiest sock in the world” which is a toe-up pattern with an afterthought heel. Sock Math is necessary to have a nice fitted sock.

So the sock loom 2 wont do a 9.5 and 10 size foot If si made a major mistaking buying this and ONLINE JOANNS does not give you dvd. For Loom Gauge to Needle Gauge see this article (hint if converting from needle pattern you’ll need this. The stitches per inch is S/W and desired width is dW. If it doesn’t work out, we always offer free returns within the U.S. Our knee high socks are among our most popular, but customers with larger or more muscular calves are often concerned about fit.

x large. Shoe Size (us) Toddler (typical age: 1 - 5) 1.5-8.5 (Toddler) Youth (typical age: 5-12) 9-13 (Toddler) or 1-3 (Big Kid) Shopping Cart.

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