sea elf names

Scrolls are prepared on specially treated sharkskins or sea-reed papyrus.

[5], Aquatic elves held promises sacred and would rather die than fail to complete something they had sworn to do.

Tritons believed that this was because the two races were related, the sahuagin having been created by drow experiments upon aquatic elven captives.

This sweet and short name will be perfect for a cute little angel. They are usually arrogant around races from the land, and are independent, but can become loyal companions to those they trust.

[63], In the Year of Sundry Violence, −294 DR, an aquatic elf Luszoch becomes the coronal of Coryselmal and begins to tour the empire, making veiled threats against his allies and vassals. They believed that aquatic elves served the same purpose below the waters as the sun elves did above, bringing civilization to the world and preserving elven traditions and knowledge. This marked the end of the war, which had thrown much of Serôs into turmoil.

[5] Compared to other elves, aquatic elves had deep voices[7] and were larger and heavier. Gestational Diabetes – An Unwanted Pregnancy Complication, Top 35 Activities for 4 Year Old Preschoolers, What Happens at 15 DPO (Days Past Ovulation). It is another version of the name Elladan. Luthien is a very unusual and uncommon name that comes from the Sindarin language and means ‘daughter of flowers’. It comes from the Sindarin language and has the meaning of being ‘one with glittering hair’ or ‘a maiden with radiant hair’. However, they have long maintained alliances with the honorable aventi. Aquatic elves have the same range of magic items used by their surface kin, although they are by necessity often altered in form due to the elves underwater existence. He promised to begin working on reforms that would allow the vassal states of Aryselmalyr to rule themselves, a notion well received by the other races.

[56], Around −8000 DR an aquatic elven wizard whose name is unknown released an army of tanar'ri into Serôs. [3][4][5] Aquatic elves maintained neutral relations with merfolk and locathah. Aquatic elves are nowhere near as thin as their landbound cousins and their hair is usually stringy and thick, cut short for warriors, but otherwise worn long. It simply means ‘one who is the creator of joy or happiness’. As a result, aquatic elves remain in their cities and interact with others only when forced to. [67] Additionally, a female aquatic elf once served as Spell-Major, the leader of the magical branch of the Cormanthyran army. It is an Elvish name that means ‘sea lover’ or ‘one who is devoted to the sea’.

[30], Clerical magic was much more common among aquatic elves. Elf Names Beginning with Z. Zabbas – Male; Zaltarish – Male; Zeale – Female; Zhuirentel – Female; 14 Comments. [5] They were built on the remnants of Arselmalyr. +2d8 in. Deep green with brown stripes and patches, shades of blue with white stripes and patches,[5] pale silver green[2][7] Deep Sashelas's clergy serve as the advisors of the aquatic elf people, often acting s counselors, healers, mediators and defendors of their communities.

Nevertheless, the long life span of the aquatic elf allows him to spend much more time perfecting his magical training than a similar human, Aquatic elf wizards write scrolls on specially cured sharkskin or on papyruslike sheets of thick, fibrous seaweed. It is an adorable and sweet name for your baby boy. It is a shorter version of the name Vanessa. Wearing armor tends to hamper an aquatic elf's ability to swim.

If you are looking for some cool Elf names, here we have the list of names you can pick for your little one. [3], Aquatic elves would sometimes took in water genasi children to raise, although in general the genasi secretly pitied the elves for not being able to leave the water for long periods. 15 Mouth-watering Rain-Snacks For Your Kids! (, I'm planting trees with my site.

+2 Dexterity, +2 charisma. They have long limbs with strong swimming muscles, and their fingers and toes are long with thick webbing. [7] The Teleri were also known by many other names: the Foam-riders, the Singers of the Shore, the Free, the Swift, the Arrow-elves (for their love of bow and arrow), the Elves of the Sea, the Ship-wrights, the Swanherds, the Gatherers of Pearl, the Blue Elves, and the people of Olwë. Black, blue, silver-white, red,[8] blue-green,[7] emerald green[2] They make little distinction between the various land-dwelling subraces of elves. Unsplash / Vinicius Henrique.

It is one of the most beautiful elf names for baby boys.

This Elvish name Elrohir is a very unique and uncommon name that has the meaning of being ‘an elf man’. [34] The marel subrace of aquatic elves worshipped Umberlee. [7] Bards were common in aquatic elven society. He declined, preferring to remain among his people in Lake Sember.

You are going to be pleasantly surprised by how elegant these elf names are. [5] Hippocampi and giant sea horses were the favored mounts of aquatic elves. The nickname for this name can be Sam. Is Switching to European Baby Formula a Safe Deal? We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Distinctions The name Yavanna is a pretty Elvish name that has its roots derived from the Quenya language. Originally there were five primarily aquatic elven outposts along the Sharksbane Wall east of the mouth of the Vilhon Reach and west of the Alamber Sea, but following Iakhovas' assault on the wall in 1369 DR, the outposts of Akhanmyr, Rulovar, and Phalagiir were utterly destroyed, leaving only the outposts of Tynathiir and Velyraar. Gender Base Height Height Modifier; Male: 5 ft. 4 in. Magic items normally crafted out of metal are made from materials that do not corrode in salt water. My Ancestor's Sea Name. They are very suspicious of strangers, especially those who come from the surface world. [3][4][5][9] Any large group of aquatic elves had a 50% chance of being accompanied by a number of dolphins. It is a cool and hippy Elvish baby boy’s name. [7] Even other underwater races were generally kept at a distance, regardless of alignment. Swimming Chaotic good

Chitinous armor was commonly used,[37] and the elves of the Inner Sea wore silverweave armor crafted from coral that had been specially treated by the local tritons or shalarin, although this was usually limited to a pair of armored leggings to maintain their mobility. 1st Edition Statistics[4] The boarders of these cities are guarded by soldiers with tridents, spears, and nets, as are the hunter-gatherer parties sent out to retrieve food among the fish and crefully cultivated fields of food plants nearby. (Join me?). It is a unique name for a baby girl. [5] They also developed longbows with bowstrings made of a special kelp that damped vibrations and turbulence.

Bonus Languages: Aquan, Draconic, Giant.

The most notable was her great granddaughter Vaequiss II Merynth, also known as Vaequiss the Dark, who took the throne in −819 DR. The name comes from the name of the son of Elrond of the Middle-Earth. The aquatic elves attempted to drive the shalarin out of the Inner Sea following both the First and Second Passings in unprovoked attacks that devastated the shalarin population and in the later case prompted the Fifth Serôs War. This is what makes our D&D name generators stand out. Unique Items: Aquatic elves living in areas that are harassed by sahuagin or other enemies have come up with two ingenious forms of armor that work equally well on land or underwater.

It is one of the cool elf names. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. [64] The debris of both Coryselmal and Jhaamdath were dragged out by the receding water and went on to kill around 35,000 more people.

General Information Rarely encountered by the landbound races, the aquatic elves are a civilized and good-hearted people who inhabit the seas surrounding Faerun.

[8] Their hair was usually thick and somewhat stringy,[5] and some aquatic elves had a rough hair texture. Aquatic elves first appeared in the Great Sea untold ages ago, the last of the major elven races to migrate from the elven homeland to Faerun. This Elvish name comes from the Quenya language and is a short and sweet name for baby girls.

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