potato varieties chart

And the sheer variety of potatoes available can make it even harder to choose the right one. By clicking ALLOW or clicking on any other content, you agree that cookies can be placed. Particularly suitable for wedges, roasting and chipping. • Round white potatoes—are medium-sized, round with a light tan to freckled brown skin and waxy to creamy textured flesh. Use this potato varieties chart to quickly compare culinary use, storage potential, color, and shape of our potato varieties.

Victoria has proved ideal for the Fish Friers and is widely recognised as a preferred variety by the industry. Floury potatoes, on the other hand, fluff up when they’re cooked, making them perfect for chips, roast potatoes or baking. Potato Types PDF. Wilcox cook-test potatoes and then label them accordingly. To see videos about what makes each type of potato unique, please visit our Potato Types Videos page. When eaten in moderation, fries can be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Suitability for New Potatoes; French Fingerling: 2608: Late Mid: Yellow: Pink: Fingerling: Good: Roasting, Boiling: NA: Yukon Gold Organic: 2361 og: Early Mid: Lt. Yellow: Yellow/Buff: Round/Oval: Excellent: All Purpose: Good: Russian Banana Organic: 2874G og: Late: Lt. Yellow: Lt. Yellow/Buff: Fingerling: Good: Roasting, Boiling: NA: Satina: 3136: Mid: Yellow: Yellow/Buff: Round/Oval: Excellent: Boiling, Mashing: … Click ‘OK’ to continue, or ‘Cancel’ to return to PotatoGoodness.com.

Sign up for growing tips, exclusive offers, and new product info. susceptible to late blight on foliage, potato cyst nematode. 'Lady Balfour' an early maincrop potato. July 2020. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off.

You get the best results when choosing a potato that is right for your selected cooking method. It will hold its shape and is best boiled, used in salads or added to casseroles. Innovations in food science and technology are driving continuous improvement to ensure this nutritious and popular vegetable continues to align with dietary guidance. Well rounded flavour. With 25% higher yields than existing punnet varieties, Emerald is proving to be extremely popular with growers and retailers alike. New Season potatoes such as Perlas are also ideally suited to boiling. Buy potatoes suited for end use. Discover your favorite type of spud by learning about the differences in fluffy, smooth and salad potatoes. The variety is best suited to boiling and salads although it can be roasted sucessfully. A smooth looking potato is not necessarily better than a misshapen one. Learn more about the characteristics and cooking recommendations for each type of potato below. Find instructions below on a few of the most popular ways to cook a potato. Full flavour tending to waxy. A yellow skinned creamy yellow fleshed potato. Particularly suited for mashing, roasting, wedges and baking. It is best suited for baking, roasting, wedges and mashing. Like potatoes cooked by other methods, fries provide important shortfall nutrients and are now prepared with healthier oils. To make your shopping hassle-free we have put together this handy guide to help you get great results every time.

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