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2aug19--Seen is the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum featuring the USS Midway ( CV-41 ) aircraft carrier. Mostly dry.

Mount Soledad Presbyterian Church is located in La Jolla and has members from all over San Diego. The date was July 23 (not July 24). In 1961 my folks and I took a trip to see Niagra Falls and were stopped for hours, unable to cross the Sioux St. Marie bridgebecause Queen Elizabeth's Royal Yacht was passing underneath.Milwaukee and Chicago (Calumet Harbor) are major international ports.More planes landing and taking off today? Come here to catch the sunset and be sure to bring your camera! This camera used to pan faster. Very mild (max 16°C on Thu morning, min 12°C on Fri night). Mount Soledad Presbyterian | 2020 Summer Camp View Screen-Reader Accessible Site Very mild (max 16°C on Wed afternoon, min 12°C on Sun night). The mountaintop is the site of the Mount Mt. Wondering if the ship is heading out to the middle east?Does anyone know what kind of ship this is? Login or Sign up. I would stay in town, or on Coronado Island and walk on the beach. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I can't tell if it is an aircraft carrier or a battleship. Some drizzle, heaviest during Sun night. 19:00 July 15 - Hi W. Pam - Oh oh, the camera got bumped or slipped again, and only have a view of the restaurant deck floor. The host is a restaurant, and sometimes somebody or something bumps the camera and the view will be their decking floor.

Mount Soledad, Peninsular Ranges, Pacific Coast Ranges, United States Mountain weather forecast for 251m. The County Administration building is the pinkish one in my capture of (7nov 9PM SKYLINE ). Planning a trip to Southern California? Very impressive. Planes and people coming and going. Soledad offers a stunning panoramic glimpse of San Diego.

We could all use a little escape right now - whether it's a trip to the beach, or 3 days of much-needed relaxation and reinvigoration. Take heart, stay tuned in.

Our advanced weather models allow us to provide distinct weather forecasts for several elevations of

I don't think there is a problem.

You are a wealth of information. It is quite majestic looking at nighttime on this webcam. Speaking of hot San Diego, yes it's hot there, but you get just outside the city and it's hot desert type terrain in my opinion. 0 Post a comment Be the first to leave a comment. It's hot HERE! The weather forecast for Mount Soledad is: Mostly dryWarm (max 26°C on Thu morning, min 18°C on Mon night)Wind will be generally light. We couldn’t fit San Diego in just one shot, I’m sure you’ll agree: there’s just way too much to see!. I think I can see a missle sticking upto the right in the picture, too. This panoramic tour sets off from the San Diego-Coronado Bridge and sways along the North Harbor Drive all the way to the US Coast Guard and to the San Diego International Airport, in between images of marinas, museum ships, aircraft carriers and charming sail boats; an urban environment rendered surreal by the continuous landing and departing of planes resulting in one of our most dynamic and unique shots!

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