mennonite head covering

I like the idea that, just as the cherubim in Isaiah 6 covered their faces in the presence of God, it is suitable for a woman to cover her glory, which is to say her hair, in the His presence.

You can see a photo essay from a young Amish girl in Michigan showing how to make this bun at Amish Workshops, or you can watch this tutorial from a sister on YouTube: What you need: hairnet, 2 large hairpins and 5 small hairpins.

God bless!

At first glance, the women on both sides of this heavenly fence seem to be nearly identical in every way – but this is not true. We left the Catholic church because we didn't believe in infant baptism. Whereas Mennonite women rarely wear strings with their head coverings. This is not explicitly explained in Scripture, and may be open to individual interpretation or understanding. Thanks all for those words of wisdom. The reasons, of course, being modesty and headship. Some Mennonite women began to view their head coverings as a banner of their religiosity and a symbol of status.15 Many groups began to employ the wearing of head coverings to signify other things as well. God's love is not a feeling. I decided that if I learned that the Bible did not teach the head covering as a practice which is applicable today, I would not promote it. They are all there to keep us from falling away. Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head.

Take one side, brush straight down, join in the side-plait, and plait it to the end. And then I understood why Mennonite and Amish women wear prayer veils or head coverings.

I'm not saying that I know the right application of this, it just peeves me a little that I've not ever really heard this really acknowledged as something for Christian men to think about. The reason modesty often enters into this discussion is because the covering is seen by many as a way of preserving the woman's glory for her husband. 2 – Part the remaining hair down the back.

Excellent thoughts... so it appears the head covering (which was not instituted by Paul or Jesus. This seems to be the most popular bun if you search for an “Amish” or “Mennonite” bun on the internet, and it produces a reasonably flat bun well-suited to the stiff, pleated caps worn by many Amish and Conservative Mennonite groups. The covering is a black kerchief which covers the whole head and ears and is tied under the chin instead of behind the head like the Old Colony. In other words, some type of hat, shawl, veil, or other headgear. I'm thinking of things like nonresistance, and non-involvement in government affairs, as well as ideas such as eternal security.

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