maplestory smithing or accessory crafting

Rec. Can you confirm which case is true? Smithing is one of the three crafting Professions, along with Accessory Crafting and Alchemy.

Just saw this, what a great guide.

Which would help make more mesos? From my experience, mastery at lvl 10 and master craftsman starts to decay after 24 hrs. You learned the … If I do update the guide I will most likely either notify people who I know have seen this guide, or re-post it if I do end up making major and significant changes whilst incorporating the changes of the latest updates. Suggested recommended locations to find them: Secondly, you can go mine go mine at Secret Herb Patches that are found in Ardentmill. Ty to u/Tasarom for linking this guide by u/Riisso (TY TY) for 10+ Smithing, Lvl 1-7: (164 – 210 Mastery per ring / earring), Make rings that take 1 or 2 gems / plates, Lvl 8-10: (200, 512, 900, 2000 Mastery per ring), It takes up space, so I’m not recommending you make Face Accessories, Ring IV – VI (Only consistent source of mastery at Lvl 10), (Lvl 10+ Only) If you have recipes for Almighty Rings, etc, these are 1-time makes that are worth it (2000 Mastery Rings), Just don’t make things that need Primal Essence, unless you want to. I have pretty much stopped working on my guide as I have toned down on Maplestory, as school has started up for me. Accessory Crafting if you want to make trinkets and stuff for stats. Crafting for sure.

In MapleStory there are 5 Professions, Herbalism, Mining, Smithing, Accessory Crafting, and Alchemy. This item became BiS after the 25 Star Update, and because the ring is Level 140, it is able to get all 25 stars. I have some questions about crafting I hope you can answer. Yes it does decay sometime between 17-18 hours, and I believe it slowly increases to about 1k Mastery per hour as far as I can tell. Meaning, I've got Silver Plate, which recipes use it? This also means that they are extremely difficult and unreasonable to craft as a way of leveling to Master Craftsmen, and why it is in your best interest to mass produce items with a Level Requirement of 9. Dropping them is the only way to lower your count.

Click on any of the following pages to view recipes within the level range.

Any tips for maintaining mesiter status? If anyone spots anything wrong with the information, or if a decent amount of people want me to put information on another item, feel free to say so in the comments. From here until Meister is fairly easy compared to Level 10 to Master. Just as a rule through these levels, you should stick to crafting rings as they are the cheapest and most efficient in terms of a Materials : Mastery Ratio. Do you think I should go for alchemy instead of accessory then? Thanks for catching that. Accessory Crafting Complete Guide Maplestory 25 Star Update (Work In Progress) Part 1: Level 1 to Level 10 Note: For Level 1 to Level 10, there are many options available to gain Mastery. Press J to jump to the feed. Go! This success rate increases to 100% when your level is at least 21 higher than the targeted equipment level crafted or when your craft level exceeds the optimal craft level stated.

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