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", "Congressional Record, V. 145, Pt.

In this escape, they spotted five natives of the Beothuk or Micmac tribe. [28] They sailed to the west of this and landed in a verdant area with a mild climate and plentiful supplies of salmon. While the adults managed to escape, Thorfmn Karlsefhi and his men captured the boys, whom they baptized and enslaved in Europe.[24].

[14] Though Leif's birthplace is not accounted for in the sagas,[15] it is likely he was born in Iceland,[6] where his parents met[14]—probably somewhere on the edge of Breiðafjörður, and possibly at the farm Haukadal where Thjóðhild's family is said to have been based. [37][40] Nothing is mentioned about his death in the sagas—he probably died in Greenland some time between these dates. Ward, eds.. Forbes, Alan and Ralph M. Eastman, "Some Statues of Boston: Reproductions of some of the statues for which Boston is famous, with information concerning the personalities and events memorialized", State Street Trust Company, Boston MA 1946 and Forbes, Alan and Ralph M. Eastman, "Other Statues of Boston", State Street Trust Company, Boston MA 1947. [43][44] The casual tone of references to these areas may suggest that their discovery was not seen as particularly significant by contemporaries, or that it was assumed to be public knowledge, or both. This statue is at the front of the Hallgrímskirkja.

He is believed to have landed in present-day Nova Scotia, which he named Vinland. Leif had two known sons: Thorgils, born to noblewoman Thorgunna in the Hebrides; and Thorkell, who succeeded him as chieftain of the Greenland settlement. [22] According to the Saga of Erik the Red, Leif apparently saw Vinland for the first time after being blown off course on his way to introduce Christianity to Greenland. Erickson died of cancer in Pensacola, Florida, on January 29, 1986, aged 74. Leif Erikson died sometime between 1019 and 1025, but the exact cause of his death is unknown.

He worked as a soloist in a band as vocalist and trombone player, performed in Max Reinhardt's productions, and then gained a small amount of stage experience in a comedy vaudeville act. [33][34] Later archaeological evidence suggests that Vinland may have been the areas around the Gulf of St. Lawrence and that the L'Anse aux Meadows site was a ship repair station and waypoint for voyages there. 20638, ; Maintained by Find A Grave Cremated, Ashes scattered. In 1969 Leif played the young boy Jimmy Henderson in “Bob & Carol & Ted … The exact date of Eriksson’s death is unknown, but is estimated around 1020 CE. (2000).

[17] Additional statues of him were erected at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul in 1949, near Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1956, and in downtown Seattle.[17]. The Ingstads demonstrated that Norsemen had reached America about 500 years before Christopher Columbus. [50]:267, In 1929, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a bill to make 9 October "Leif Erikson Day" in the state.

[38], Leif was converted to Catholicism by the Catholic King of Norway, Saint Olaf, and after Leif's first trip to Vinland, he returned to the family estate of Brattahlíð in Greenland, and started preaching Christianity to the native population, at the commission of the King Saint Olaf.

Erickson appeared frequently on television; he was cast as Dr. Hillyer in "Consider Her Ways" (1964) and as Paul White in "The Monkey's Paw—A Retelling" (1965) on CBS's The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. "The Norse and Native Norse Americans". [1], Erickson enlisted in the United States Navy during World War II. [28] After two more days at sea, he landed on an island to the north (possibly Belle Isle), and then returned to the mainland, going past a cape on the north side (perhaps Cape Bauld).

[42] In the end there were no permanent Norse settlements in Vinland, although sporadic voyages at least to Markland for forages, timber and trade possibly lasted for centuries. Leif Erikson died sometime between 1019 and 1025, but the exact cause of his death is unknown.

[note 2] It has been suggested that the knowledge of Vinland might have been maintained in European seaports in the 15th century, and that Christopher Columbus, who claimed in a letter to have visited Iceland in 1477, could have heard stories of it.

After Thorvald Eriksson's death, the Vikings fled.

His place of birth is not known,[9] but he is assumed to have been born in Iceland, which had recently been colonized by Norsemen mainly from Norway. [36], Leif was described as a wise, considerate, and strong man of striking appearance. 7 Legacy Most of what we know of Leif’s life comes from stories known as sagas. Rising to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in the Naval Aviation Photographic Unit, he served as a military photographer, shooting film in combat zones, and as an instructor. [23], According to the Icelandic sagas, while in Vinland, Leif and his crew came into contact with "Red Indians" (as distinguished from the Inuit), whom they referred to as skrælingi, an archaic term for "wretches.

He appeared with Greta Garbo, as her brother in Conquest (1937). [1] Over four years service, he shot more than 200,000 feet of film for the Navy.

As for Eriksson, he is believed to have lived out his life in Greenland, dying somewhere around the year 1020.

[37] During his stay in the Hebrides, he fell in love with a noblewoman, Thorgunna, who gave birth to their son Thorgils. Leif Eriksson Discovers America by Christian Krohg (1893), The Landing of the Vikings by Arthur C. Michael (1919), Leif Erikson memorial statue at Shilshole Bay Marina, Port of Seattle, Leif Eriksson Memorial (1929–1932), Reykjavík, Iceland.

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