kubota 50 hour service cost

Why the 50-Hour Kubota Maintenance Marker is Critical The changes that Kubota has made to its service intervals have not changed any aspect of the first service and inspection of your Kubota tractor.

Put drain plug back in when oil has drained. These checks are essential to ensure the tractor operates safely. Before inspection: Make sure that a clean plug is inserted into the fuel line when it is disconnected so dirt does not get into the fuel line. Changing the Oil: Remove drain plug from bottom of the engine while engine is still somewhat warm (allow plenty of time for engine to cool down) to drain oil into oil pan. Protect your investment by following Kubota's recommended schedule of maintenance on new Kubota equipment at 50, 200/400 and 600 hours of use. Apply a small amount of engine oil to the rubber seal of the new filter. |. In 2009, Kubota extended the service intervals for many models of Kubota tractors. Fill up to upper groove on dipstick with new oil. To find out exactly when you should check or change the various components of your Kubota tractor, check out this helpful table published on the Kubota website. (How to bleed fuel system).

COVID-19 Response: Virtual Appointments, Free Pick-Up and Delivery. Make sure that engine is off and has been given sufficient time to cool down.

If you would like to schedule a 50 Hour Service or an Oil Change for your Kubota unit call or email our Service Manager Wes at: (506) 839-2442. wes@hallbrosenterprises.com. After this initial check, you should change the engine oil and filters roughly every 200 hours, while the transmission fluid and hydraulic oil filters need attention only once every 300 hours after the first check.

Whenever you are doing any kind of service make sure that engine is stopped.Changing the Oil: Remove drain plug from bottom of the engine while engine is still somewhat warm (allow plenty of time for engine to cool down) to drain oil into oil pan. This post will discuss the reasons for tractor maintenance and share with you a suitable Kubota maintenance schedule for your tractor. ... Kubota service cost ring JD and ask for a price quote on a 6420SE service of same size, be interesting to see a comparision, Or click the link to schedule a service online Replace air filter yearly, or after every 6. Other checks should take place at various intervals, as indicated in this table published by Kubota. The company still recommends that all Kubota tractors have a 50-hour service to check for any problems with the tractor.

To view a wide range of Kubota tractor models, check out Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment’s line of Kubota tractors. Note: Check fuel lines annually or after every 100 hours of use, whichever comes first. Hauling services available to and from your farm to our shops! All rights reserved. COOLANT: All Applications: Use a 50/50 mixture of clean water and Anti-Freeze.

Wait 10 minutes, check level again, and add oil as needed, Allow engine sufficient time to cool down, Remove drain plug underneath transmission case and drain oil into oil pan, Clean the transmission strainer (see “Cleaning Transmission Strainer” below), Fill with new Kubota Super UDT up to the upper groove on dipstick, Start engine and let it run for a few minutes, Stop engine, check oil level, and fill as needed, BX Oil Capacity – 3.1 gallons (11.6 liters). If you are removing the fuel line, make sure to bleed the system. Tractor maintenance is important to keep your Kubota tractor performing optimally. Make sure that tractor is on a firm and level surface, Take out right and left drain plugs and oil gauge at the front axel case and drain oil. Change fuel filter; Change engine oil & filter Change transmission fluid

Inspect fuel lines and pipe clamps for damage or deterioration.

Also make sure evacuator valve is not blocked.

After 50 hours of use, Kubota recommends that you have your first engine oil and filter change, as well as changing the transmission fluid, and cleaning the hydraulic oil filter. You also need to adhere to a pattern of regular maintenance checks, as laid out in the updated Kubota tractor maintenance schedule. What is the optimal Kubota tractor maintenance schedule? © 2020 | Messick's. If you need more detailed information about your particular model of tractor, consult the Operator’s Manual. When a new filter is installed, engine oil typically decreases a little. Rinse strainer with nonflammable solvent to clean off filings. We have pricing available for Kubota 50 Hour Service and Oil Change packages. To keep your warranty valid, you need to heed the 50-hour Kubota maintenance marker and schedule a check for your tractor at this time. Check to see if fuel filter either is clogged, or contains water.

Checking your tractor regularly can help you to spot leaks of oil, water, transmission fluid, fuel, or coolant from the tractor, allowing you to get the problem causing the leak repaired as quickly as possible. Replace air filter yearly, or after every 6th cleaning, whichever comes first. B5 only for Interim Tier4 and Newer. When filter has completely dried, use a light to check for damage. The company still recommends that all Kubota tractors have a 50-hour service … For a complete list of Kubota recommended preventative maintenance programs, visit the Kubota website.

Run the engine at medium speed for a few minutes prior to use and check oil level again. Servicing Your BX-Series Tractor (Oils, Filters, Etc.)

All tractor owners should keep a tractor maintenance log to record the dates when a tractor has been checked for maintenance issues as well as any observations about the tractor’s handling or performance.

Protect your investment by following Kubota's recommended schedule of maintenance on new Kubota equipment at 50, 200/400 and 600 hours of use.

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