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Prosser admits he got a couple of launch dates wrong. No pro Apple apps were announced for iPad Pro. He verifies his stories with at least three sources, he claims — something reporters used to do at trade magazines like MacWeek, where I worked as an Apple reporter in the late 1990s. “We specialize in mixing tech with laughs,” says the channel’s About page. He got the iPhone 12 release dates correct, and even knew 120Hz wasn't going to come in the final version. It’s unheard of for a reporter to have that kind of access, especially for a company as secretive as Apple. His channel for many years have been essentially a comedy tech news channel. There will not be any cameras, according to the leak, but a single LiDAR sensor in the top right of the glasses. Although new to the Apple leaks game, Prosser seems to possess unusual insight into Cupertino’s closely held plans. His source seems to be assured the product exists and will be announced in the future. Gurman declined to comment for this post. While Prosser says he considers himself an entertainer first, he doesn’t treat his leaker’s role lightly. “I’ve been watching him for years and he does a great job making tech news entertaining, and promoting things like better pricing for mass-market customers,” Rene Ritchie, a popular Apple commentator formerly with iMore and now also an independent YouTuber, told Cult of Mac. The "AirTags" are expected to launch anytime between now and the end of 2021. A March event was scheduled to occur to announce the iPhone SE and other products but was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. This was proven incorrect as Apple announced that WWDC would be on June 22, 2020. On April 30, further information about the new iPhone lineup was leaked, including configurations and pricing. After his parents and grandmother died when Prosser was 19, he was forced to look after his younger brother.

But here’s a short summary of all claims: Killian Bell contributed research and fact-checking for this report. But again, he’s been pretty much on the money so far.”. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. He said it would have an all-white front without a logo and a polished-metal back with an Apple logo. What makes someone like Jon Prosser viable is their ability to collect information, protect leakers, and present the most relevant things first.

Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Advertise on AI. While Prosser says he considers himself an entertainer first, he doesn’t treat his leaker’s role lightly. A Q&A session he held on Twitter revealed a few things, one of which was that the upcoming iPad Pros were likely delayed until 2021. And he accurately reported advance details on major business initiatives like Apple News+ and Apple TV+.

He attested to knowing about Apple CEO Tim Cook’s calls, meetings and interviews in real time. As of late October 2020, Prosser has a fairly strong accuracy rating. (That’s what prevents his AppleTrack rating from hitting 100%.) Keep an eye on what he says, because until Apple figures out to shut him down, he and Ming-Chi Kuo are the ones to listen to. It also proved quite divisive — as did his claim about the limited-edition Steve Jobs AR glasses prototype. This is one of the dates that turned out to be inaccurate — Apple later revealed that, Prosser reported that Apple’s AirPower project was “, Prosser reaffirmed that the 2020 iPhone SE — which was then referred to as “iPhone 9” — would be “, Prosser reported that a number of new Apple products. This would be possible by dynamically controlling which coils are energized to ensure heat is dissipated properly without risk of overheating or fire. It was revealed that Tim Cook was talking with Apple Store leaders every morning, and medical teams every night before the stores closed. This was after AppleInsider had not only been tipped on the earbuds being for sale prematurely in Target but also purchased them for an early look. Instead, Apple, Prosser reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook was holding regular meetings with Apple Store leaders regarding ongoing COVID-19 concerns. “Days of research and conversations with multiple sources” go into a single tweet, and he won’t publish anything that isn’t corroborated by a second or third source. detailed almost all the major Apple product launches, new information on Apple’s rumored over-ear headphones, Cupertino acquired in 2014 for $3 billion, Apple will bring its Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro and Xcode apps to iPad Pro, Prosser reported that Apple canceled a keynote planned for March 2020 due to the the COVID-19 pandemic. Prosser is keenly aware of his “limited safety net” to get things wrong, and as such says he is “very selective” about what he chooses to report. The name of the wearable may be "Apple Glass" and cost $499 plus the cost of prescription lenses. ● Got the WWDC date wrong Measurements like these can be made with additional machine learning algorithms and existing sensors on the Apple Watch. Apple apparently refers to the devices internally as "Apple Watch" and "Apple Watch Pro.". Prosser also reported that “AirPods X,” priced around $200, will launch in September or October. The release of MagSafe has placed any future release of AirPower into doubt. ● Blocked by Phil Schiller on Twitter. Many of Prosser’s reports have proven correct, and he seems to be getting details not just from people in high places in Apple, but also in Apple’s supply chain and business partners like cellular carriers. ● Began sourcing Apple leaks in February 2020 He eventually got some information about new Android phones, which elevated his profile. In October, he reported that Apple won't launch the new headphones at the October 13 "Hi, Speed" event. If his track record continues on its current trajectory, Prosser’s tweets will likely generate their own news cycles. ● Got the 13-inch MacBook Pro release window correct A tracking system that relies on crowdsourced data would not work as well if everyone is trying to remain at home. “I don’t want to say that I’m nervous, but I am trying to be more aware of how I say things and for the first time ever, large portions of episodes are scripted. His later leaks corrected for the newly discovered "mini" naming scheme, though pricing was always reported incorrectly. A leak about the "Apple Watch Series 6" and its ability to track anxiety and sleep was backed up by Prosser on Twitter. “We’re very curious to see where things go with the Apple glasses, as he has shared quite a few details on that project which has been shrouded in a lot of uncertainty over the years,” Slivka said. Jon Prosser is an avid Apple leaker with sources throughout the company and supply chain.

That’s how we got that picture. “It’s interesting to see how I didn’t actually change but suddenly things are different,” said Prosser in an interview with Macworld earlier this week, when the iPhone SE was still just a rumor. “It’s my name, it’s my reputation, and it’s eight years of my career on the line every time I say something.”. The company wanted to unveil the 2020 iPhone SE at the event.

Prosser got the details of the HomePod mini correct. He also reported on various leaks from Target POS and Virgin Mobile inventory, but were just placeholders or guesses by third parties, as the device was not called an "iPhone 9.". He says he doesn’t pay sources or even seek them out. Then he realized that to get tips, he needed to make himself more available to potential leakers.

They are code-named B517, aiming for a fall release for $200. The videos tend to be short — about 10 minutes each — and are strong on personality, opinion and humor. As of March 21, someone notified him of twice-weekly conference calls were being held with the store teams. That the new AirPower was indeed working with Apple Watch and in the final stages of testing.

Prosser’s latest leak — revealed on last week’s episode of Cult of Mac’s podcast, The CultCast — claims Apple is working on a special pair of Steve Jobs Heritage Edition AR glasses. There’s way more time and attention that goes into an episode now. The iPhone SE Plus is expected in 2021. In fact, the company has taken serious legal action against rumor sites in the past, famously leading to the shutdown of popular rumor site ThinkSecret back in the pre-iPhone days. “That’s it. An update to the AirPods "X-generation" rumor came on April 7, in which he stated they were a device similar to the Beats X earbuds that wrap around your neck. Macworld |.

“I just made myself more accessible,” he said. A new set of leaked images supposedly show that AirPower, or "C68," now works with Apple Watch.

By Leander Kahney • 11:00 am, May 29, 2020. “It’s been very interesting watching the sheer volume of rumors he’s had in a relatively short period of time, and we’ve seen a decent number of them pan out, so he’s somebody we’ll definitely be watching going forward.”.

And he predicted USB-C connectivity for the 2019 iPhone lineup, and two-way wireless charging for the iPhone 11 lineup.

This is what Prosser said about how UWB would be used in HomePod mini: Having a HomePod mini in your home would give your U1 equipped devices more awareness about where they were located, and could give users better HomeKit control using precise device location to control the home. “We organized a way to publish a picture, get the first look at it, and keep everyone safe at the same time.”. The iPhone SE ultimately released on April 15 in three colors at $399. “Because a lot of people, especially from the media, are watching and they’re picking apart my jokes and it’s just weird.”.

He also announced the HomePod mini with the correct price and knew about UWB. (You can see a full list of his predictions below.) The Target inventory leaks that revealed a new AirPods model also included information about an "iPod Touch X generation" and "iPad 10.5 X generation." Jon Prosser makes headlines Perhaps Gurman, who made his bones at 9to5Mac before moving up to Bloomberg, is feeling the heat. No Apple Pencil support either. Most leaks and renders of the "iPhone 12" suggest the smart connector would come to at least the pro models, but as of April 19, Prosser said there would be no such connector this generation. Of note, he said that they are in prototyping stages as of March 22, and none of them support the Apple Watch due to its unique charging method. Prosser has leaked a lot of details about upcoming Apple products and has sometimes shared information unique to his sources.

The often moving targets of release dates and prices are hit and miss, but when it comes to product details, Prosser has been very accurate so far. AppleTrack gives Gurman an accuracy rating of 84.2% — slightly lower than Prosser’s — and notes some of the claims that were incorrect. Alongside the "Apple Glass" leak in May, Prosser detailed that the iPhone event would be in October, not September as normal, and the iPhone would be released later that month. The best way to yell at him is on Twitter.

Xcode did not ship on iPad either. On March 13, Prosser mentioned the situation was being assessed in real-time, and store closures would be happening soon.

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