how to act like ticci toby

If you keep getting nightmares all throught the night, he’ll slowly start to get annoyed, but he won’t admit it. You’re nothing but a lazy human being that doesn’t want to GET ANYTHING DONE AROUND HERE!” Masky shouted in his lover’s face, making them flinch at his works and how close they were in general. Nemesis’s lover flinches, seeing the sharp object coming their way and was lucky enough to jump out of the way. They tried to hold back the tears as they stood up. “No thanks, can’t take candy from a stranger.” I turned my back on him, going back to my tea party. “What a jerk.” I growled, feeling Toby taking control of my right arm. No cuts?” Nemesis runs over to her lover, checking them up only to find out that they’re fine. “After everything I did for you! Here.

- Many of the female Creeps would kinda believe in the soulmate thing. I didn’t mean for it to go that close to you!” Kate apologized, giving them a hug before trying to get the fire started again. “I don’t care?! Ticci Toby is CONFIRMED FICTION.

“Yea, and I had a stomach ache for an hour when you did eat it.” I glared, making Jack smile nervously at me in our head. The fact you guys think he's real is RIDICULOUS!!! This kind of thinking is what ultimately led to the stabbings in Wisconsin: Two girls WHO CLEARLY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THE MYTHOS glamorized Slender Man, even making up their own bullcrap about him, and proceeded to try and make him happy by murdering an innocent. WAKE UP!”, - Hoodie would sigh when he notices his S/o walking into his room. Sometimes, he’ll sneak into your room just to watch you, wanting to know what souls look like. “Why did I even bother moving in with you? honetly i have been wanting to wright a creepypasta and if someone clames that they are real than I will react the same way. “Aw, I’m no stranger to you. Hoodie’s s/o looks around at the mess of chips laid all around the floor before wiping away one tear that slipped out. “Fine, I’ll just take my things and leave! Ticci Toby is CONFIRMED FICTION. “Go ahead” I smirked, letting Toby take full control of our body. !” He snarls, yanking on me to look at him.

I think they're lizard people and that's why they don't get sarcasm. The sickening crunch of the boys skull filled our ears.

“I need to be more careful about that…” Nemesis rubs the back of her neck before she slung her arm over her s/o’s shoulders. How would Ticci Toby, Hoodie and Masky react to having a female s/o who was a veteran in war and has severe PTSD from it? Have you accidently killed someone that you actually wanted to keep alive?”. “May I?” He asked, feeling his hatred for the boy in front of us. He’d want you to freeze time or just pause time itself. “I’m saying, I don’t wanna be with you if you’re going to be a B!TCH about e-everything I do!” Toby’s lover flinched, thinking Toby was going to hit them if he got any anger. They would either ignore it or will hunt down their soulmate to tell them to knock it off, even though they can’t help it. Fine!

You should not want to relate to him. How much do you know ticci toby? He’d be confused when he sees you get out of bed to go work out. Of course, their S/o doesn’t remember anything, so they’re confused on what the boys are talking about. His s/o flinches, startled at what Hoodie just did. Liu has been through a rough life and has trouble opening up to people like he used to. !” Jack screamed, turning away from his s/o.

Shortly after this, I had to block an anon for calling Kastoway an idiot for pointing out that HIS OWN CHARACTER is not real. - If Dark wakes up first before her lover, she’ll smile and push their hair out of their face. - He decided to show himself to his S/o, telling them he’s not going to hurt them but the others are if his S/o doesn’t leave. Maybe get another fridge and put them in that one!” Jack could hardly control himself as he tugs at his hair. “No! Giggling, I smiled over at Mr.Teddy. “So, what happened to you?”.

"You’ve ignored me enough! If you’re walking in public with him, he’ll point at random people, asking if you’ll keep them alive or kill them. If the creator says they're fake, then they're fake!!! “What powers do you have? - After their little accident with their S/o, they’ve been afraid to fall asleep. She’ll even cook breakfast for her S/o if they don’t wake up before her. “Really? Slender Man Connection Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Worst part of all this is that this Youtuber called Puppet Strings says she has people from the FBI or other government agencies looking into the stuff Toby has done! Obviously, the pastas would pick up soon enough that Toby has been disappearing lately for hours before coming back to them.

He’s caught you may times working out, but he doesn’t know why. Oh my freaking gosh. Many questions flood his head and he’ll whine if you tell him to get out of your room. Liu would cry himself to sleep every night, knowing he failed to protect the only person that loved him. 3) Take his hatchets. - If someone told him that his S/o has been found murdered, Liu would feel his world fall apart as he wishes to go see them. “A little bit. “Why aren’t the dishes taken care of yet?

1) Make fun of his twitch. - Even though the boys aren’t laughing when their S/o is chasing them with a knife, they’ll crack some jokes about it in the morning. I've tried to be patient with you all, I have, but you are getting out of control with your fantasies. The full moon seemed to go in separate ways as Terrance and Hailey drove down the pitch black street.

This kind of thinking is what ultimately led to the stabbings in Wisconsin: Two girls WHO CLEARLY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THE MYTHOS glamorized Slender Man, even making up their own bullcrap about him, and proceeded to try and make him happy by murdering an innocent. He’s a big brown bear my mom got for my birthday, he’s taller than me! How would they react to her waking up from nightmares and training or working until she fell asleep again? !” Jack noticed his lover flinch and regrets ever yelling at them in the first place.

I frowned at all the blood in our room.

“I don’t know. - If one of the Creeps goes out killing an accidentally hurts themselves really badly, whether it’s breaking a bone or getting shot by the police, their immediate thought goes to their soulmate. Nemesis wasn’t really an argument but my brain got carried away and just wrote it ;-; Masky, Hoodie, and EJ with a s/o that tries to kill them in their sleep? If you check their Instagram (grisgrisdoll) They mention in one of their Q&As they wish his wiki could be deleted. I made them beautiful!” Jeff giggles, raising a hand to my mouth. When he does see his S/o, laying in a pool of their own blood with a stab wound and carved cheek, Liu knows directly who touched his lover. “Masky, stop.” He just ignores me, but thankfully I took control and walked ourselves to our bed. NO LONGER ACTIVE ON THIS BLOG - Masterlist - RULES. “What was that? Hi there, I was wondering if this ask would be acceptable for this blog.

I expected you to remember me!” Pain pierced my arms as Jack clenched my forearms with his claws, blood slowly rolling down my soft skin.

“But I’m almost to the boss level!” Rolling my eyes, I huffed.

Bored?” Sully smirks, nudging me in the ribs inside my head. At least most people who believe in Slender Man understand that what he does is evil, and that he would not want to be friends with them. Jack just ignores me, killing off the kid and stuffing them with candy. “I was planning to take care of them in a minute!”. While serving some tea for Ginger, I saw that Snickers was looking behind me.

He would follow Toby, finding out that his S/o has moved. How would the possession au work with liu/sully. REQUIRED READING Ticci-Toby (real name: Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers) is a fictional Proxy of the Slender Man from the creepypasta of the same name written by Kastoway. “I’ll try” They watched as Rouge’s victim comes walking along the tree line. The Smiling Cat by Psychopasta The full moon seemed to go in separate ways as Terrance and Hailey drove down the pitch black street. There’s nothing wrong with it. ^^ I’m glad you love my work :). Would you like some candy?” Jack extended his hand, showing many different types of coloured candies with some kind of red-coloured liquids on them. He’ll try his best to calm you down and would even give you his cup of water he keeps next to him. “Jack, it’s a fucking kidney! Masky: He’d be pretty confused. I watched as he raised it in the air before slicing down across my face. “No! Hoodie has never seen his S/o move so quickly to stab him in the stomach.

The proxies, Kate, Masky, Hoodie, Nemesis, & Rouge would all watch Toby to make sure he does what he’s told and report back to Slender what he’s been doing, Whether Toby knows that they’re watching him or not. “I TOLD YOU TO STAY STILL!” Rouge hollered, climbing down the tree. He’d feel bad since he’s now just realizing it’s because you have PTSD and just had a nightmare. “Yea, and you can beat him tomorrow!

Your scythe is now his baby that he must protect from the others. - He would think your scythe is really cool and would touch it when you weren’t looking. How did you learn how to do this?” I asked, tilting my head to the side. - When he found out you had powers, he’d be all up on you. He is based on common portrayals of his conditions in fiction, not how those conditions work in reality. I can teach you though.” Puppet chuckles, shrugging a little bit. And Kastoway is 100% right, if you're sad that a murderous psychopath is not real, something is wrong with you. “Can you please stop looking at other girls? Shortly after this, I had to block an anon for calling Kastoway an idiot for pointing out that HIS OWN CHARACTER is not real.

“And where are you going to put all of this?” I asked, pointing to the gallons of paint buckets. “AYE!

Do you really want to glamorize that? I was sitting in the middle of my room with the door closed. He’d sit down next to you, asking why you’re awake until you told him the reason. What would Liu and Sully do if Jeff killed their S/O?

His lover glared at him, crossing their arms in anger. Hello, I'm J. He won’t bother you about it, but he’ll ask why you work out and not drink a cup of water or something instead. If he posted his story on tumblr, everyone would rant about how offended they feel. “(Y/n)! “I wasn’t yelling!” Masky scowled, crossing his arm before walking back and forth.

We both need it.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes. If you weren’t around and your scythe was just laying against the wall, he’d pick it up and act like he’s cutting people in half. “Thank you, Liu.” Smiling, Liu was just about to click play until Sully took control, lifting the remote in the air.

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