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The following practices help prevent viruses and the downloading of malicious code except. While not necessarily malicious, such actions are a great indication that you should keep an eye on the employee and make sure they aren’t copying or otherwise tampering with sensitive data inside your company.

-If possible, set your browser preferences to prompt you each time a website wants to store a cookie. How are Trojan horses, worms, and malicious scripts spread? It is getting late on Friday. Your best bet is to improve the cyber awareness of your employees with regard to cybersecurity best practices and put policies in place that will limit the possibility of devastating human errors and help mitigate damage in case of a mistake. Which of the following best describes wireless technology?

-As a best practice, labeling all classified removable media and considering all unlabeled removable media as unclassified.

Which of the following definitions is true about disclosure of confidential information?

Which of the following should you do immediately? This data is useful for establishing the context of an event and further investigation. As part of the survey the caller asks for birth date and address. Sometimes, an employee will express unusual enthusiasm over additional work. Which of the following is NOT one?

Examining past cases reveals that insider threats commonly engage in certain behaviors.

Which is NOT a way to protect removable media? Ekran System records video and audio of anything happening on a workstation.

Human Rights Awareness Education N-US649-HB, Chapter 16: The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy Economics Practice Test Q&As, DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge Knowledge Answers, Microbiology and Sanitation Theory Practice Test, Single Process Permanent Color (for virgin hair), Permanent Single-Process Retouch with a Glaze.

Using all of these tools, you will be able to get truly impressive results when it comes to insider threat detection. Apart from that, employees that have received notice of termination also pose additional risks and should be monitored regardless of their behavior up until they leave the workplace, at which point their access to corporate infrastructure should be immediately revoked.

Espionage is especially dangerous for public administration (accounting for 42% of all breaches in 2018). Usually, they focus on data that can be either easily sold on the black market (like personal information of clients or employees) or that can be crucial to company operations (such as marketing data, financial information, or intellectual property).

You are logged on to your unclassified computer and just received an encrypted email from a co-worker. But money isn’t the only way to coerce employees – even loyal ones – into industrial espionage. With the help of several tools: Identity and access management. Which of the following is NOT sensitive information? Which of the following is NOT considered a potential insider threat indicator?

A machine learning algorithm collects patterns of normal user operations, establishes a baseline, and alerts on insider threat behavioral indicators.

How can you protect your information when using wireless technology? When a rule is broken, a security officer receives an alert with a link to an online video of the suspicious session. For example, most insiders do …

Media containing Privacy Act information, PII, and PHI is not required to be labeled. Which of the following attacks target high ranking officials and executives? Which of the following makes Alex's personal information vulnerable to attacks by identity thieves? What should be done to protect against insider threats?

-Avoid using non-Bluetooth-paired or unencrypted wireless computer peripherals.

Which of the following is an example of malicious code? You receive an unexpected email from a friend: "I think you'll like this: (URL)" What action should you take? Of the following, which is NOT an intelligence community mandate for passwords?

Cyber Awareness Challenge Complete Questions and Answers, ← Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Awareness for Deploying Leaders and Commanders CBT Questions and Answers.

What should you do? Therefore, it is always best to be ready now than to be sorry later. Insider Threat Protection with Ekran System [PDF].

Every company can fall victim to these mistakes, and trying to eliminate human error is extremely hard. Which of the following is NOT a home security best practice? The most frequent goals of insider attacks include data theft, fraud, sabotage, and espionage. Which of the following is NOT Protected Health Information (PHI)? In this article, we cover four behavioral indicators of insider threats and touch on effective insider threat detection tools. What can you do to protect yourself against phishing?

-Request the user's full name and phone number. Bob, a coworker, has been going through a divorce, has financial difficulties and is displaying hostile behavior. Next, let’s take a more detailed look at insider threat indicators.

-Remove and take it with you whenever you leave your workstation. -Remove your security badge, common access card (CAC), or personal identity verification (PIV) card. How can you do that?

It is permissible to release unclassified information to the public prior to being cleared.

Let’s talk about the most common signs of malicious intent you need to pay attention to. What would you do if you receive a game application request on your government computer that includes permission to access your friends, profile information, cookies, and sites visited?

When using a fax machine to send sensitive information, the sender should do which of the following?

Label all files, removable media, and subject headers with appropriate classification markings.

Insiders can target a variety of assets depending on their motivation.

Reliable insider threat detection also requires tools that allow you to gather full data on user activities.

The Insider Threat and Its Indicators Page 1 The Insider Threat and Its Indicators What is an Insider Threat?

Spotting and Reporting PRI .

The email states your account has been compromised and you are invited to click on the link in order to reset your password.

You believe that you are a victim of identity theft. Which is NOT a method of protecting classified data? -Ask them to verify their name and office number.

There are potential insider threat indicators that signal users are gathering valuable data without authorization: Such behavior patterns should be considered red flags and should be taken seriously. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) software can do the following except: -Allow attackers physical access to network assets.

One way to limit this is to use background checks to make sure employees have no undisclosed history that could be used for blackmail.

More often than not, this person has legitimate access to secure data, putting them into an ideal position to threaten the security of that data. Sometimes, competing companies and foreign states can engage in blackmail or threats.

For example, the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report indicates that commercial or political espionage was the reason for 24% of all data breaches in 2018. -After work hours, storing sensitive information in unlocked containers, desks, or cabinets if security is not present. DoD employees are prohibited from using a DoD CAC in card-reader-enabled public devices. What security device is used in email to verify the identity of sender? As a security best practice, what should you do before exiting? How Can MITRE ATT&CK Help You Mitigate Cyber Attacks? What should you do if someone asks to use your government issued mobile device (phone/laptop..etc)?

What type of data must be handled and stored properly based on classification markings and handling caveats?

-Assuming open storage is always authorized in a secure facility, -Telework is only authorized for unclassified and confidential information, -Taking classified documents from your workspace.

When leaving your work area, what is the first thing you should do? Of the following, which is NOT a problem or concern of an Internet hoax?

Malicious code can do the following except? The CAC/PIV is a controlled item and contains certificates for: Classified Information can only be accessed by individuals with, -Assigned a classification level by a supervisor.

If an employee unexpectedly pays off their debts or makes expensive purchases without having any obvious additional income sources, it can be an indicator that they may be profiting from your sensitive data on the side.

-Classified material must be appropriately marked. Ekran System combines identity and access management, user activity monitoring, behavioral analytics, alerting, investigating, and other useful features.

However, every company is vulnerable, and when an insider attack eventually happens, effective detection, a quick response, and thorough investigation can save the company a ton of money in remediation costs and reputational damage. -Always use DoD PKI tokens within their designated classification level.

-Use the government email system so you can encrypt the information and open the email on your government issued laptop. You receive a call on your work phone and you're asked to participate in a phone survey. What information most likely presents a security risk on your personal social networking profile?

When it comes to malicious insiders, there are numerous things that can help you actually deter and detect them, not the least of which is user behavior monitoring.

Insider Threat Protection with Ekran System [PDF], Cyber Security Checklist: 8 Steps to Follow, How to Monitor Employees at Work: 7 Best Practices.

Upon connecting your Government-issued laptop to a public wireless connection, what should you immediately do? However, fully discounting behavioral indicators is also a mistake. According to a survey by Intermedia, nearly 50 percent of respondents, Mitigating Insider Threats: Plan Your Actions in Advance, Rethinking IAM: Continuous Authentication as a New Security Standard, Get started today by deploying a trial version in, 4 Cyber Security Insider Threat Indicators to Pay Attention To, How to Prevent Human Error: Top 5 Employee Cyber Security Mistakes, Portrait of Malicious Insiders: Types, Characteristics, and Indicators, How to Prevent Industrial Espionage: Best Practices, US-Based Defense Organization Enhances What is considered a mobile computing device and therefore shouldn't be plugged in to your Government computer?

The most obvious are: Employees that exhibit such behavior need to be closely monitored.

Alerting and responding to suspicious events – Ekran allows for creating a rules-based alerting system using monitoring data.

There are a number of behavioral indicators that can help you see where a potential threat is coming from, but this is only half the battle. You are working at your unclassified system and receive an email from a coworker containing a classified attachment.

How many potential insider threat indicators is Bob displaying?-3.

Using webmail may bypass built in security features. -Carrying his Social Security Card with him. Classified Information is … -Scan external files from only unverifiable sources before uploading to computer. Recurring trips to other cities or even countries may be a good indicator of industrial espionage. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the use of DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) tokens?

Of the following, which is NOT a characteristic of a phishing attempt? The email provides a link to a personnel portal where you must enter your personal information as part of an effort to standardize recordkeeping.

-Phishing can be an email with a hyperlink as bait. What level of damage to national security could reasonably be expected if unauthorized disclosure of Top Secret information occurred?

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