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It gives us great pleasure to serve customers who are choosy about the puppies they add as family members. It features a very prominent tail that often curls over backwards and a luxurious coat which makes this dog very popular for those who love cute, beautiful pups that can be groomed. My kids are over the moon and my co-workers look forward to seeing her everyday. … Read More

To locate a havanese breeder, enter your 5-digit zip or postal code: See real-time photos and information about the dogs currently in the shelter nearest to you. Got my husky at Silver Nickel pups. For those who aren’t familiar with Havanese puppies, they’re small dogs that will grow to be somewhere between 7 and 13 pounds in most cases. The first thing I noticed was how clean it was and that there was no pet smell. Like many of the lap dogs that have been bred over hundreds of years, the Havanese displays excellent social skills and affectionate qualities that make them a very beloved breed.

They’ve become very popular among those who live in larger cities because they’re social dogs that don’t need much exercise. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter.

5 stars! Simone is a Very Nice Person and She Help Us to choose a Right Puppy for Us. 85 W. Englewood Ave. Simone was very helpful with the process and she made sure that everything was okay from the order to the pickup. She is awesome!… Read more “Jesse A.”. Services: Puppies,Adult Dogs,Stud Service,Rescue, Services: Puppies,Adult Dogs,Stud Service. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter.

I have always been leery of pups being offered for sale in shops, but once arriving at Silver Nickel i was impressed. I definitely recommend silver nickel puppies for anyone who is looking for a new member of the family. We just purchased 3 new puppies! Simone was a great help and she answered all of my questions. Great people. new jersey: havanese Breeders. Simone was so great and amazingly sweet she stayed after her shift and was answering any questions we had and told us so much about our new babies. We saw our very energetic Kailey in their Ridgefield location and Simone was able to arrange the pick up in Englewood as it is closer to where… Read more “Allan R.”. Our healthy pampered puppies can be found exclusively at our boutique location. For more information on the Havanese puppies for sale through Darcon Toy Poodles, call us at 843-365-3751 today. I went to many Pet Shop before I went to Silver Nickel Puppies and this is the BEST Place to Buy a Puppy because the Employees were the Nicest. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. The Havanese is an incredibly popular breed which is part of the toy group of dogs. Just like with our Toy Poodles, we’re a Havanese puppy breeder that cares deeply about the health and happiness of the Havanese puppies that we produce. Englewood, NJ 07631, © 2020 Puppies For Sale Bergen County New Jersey Englewood NJ. She has the best temperament and… Read more “Shannon R.”.

From there you can see photos of their pups, find detailed information on their web page and contact them by e-mail, phone and even get driving directions. Originally native to Cuba, the Havanese puppies for sale at Darcon Toy Poodles are outgoing, cheerful, intelligent, funny, and full of energy. But they do require a lot of companionship. These puppies are an excellent option for families, apartment dwellers, and those who desire a cute and cuddly puppy with plenty of personality to spare. Below is a sample search of our havanese breeders with puppies for sale. They’ve been nicknamed “Velcro dogs” over the years because they’re known to stick to their owners at almost all times.

Simone was really lovely to work with and had such patience and understanding as we were first time puppy parents.

All range from age 9-13 years old. One of the first things we noticed was how clean the place was. We also noticed how all of the puppies themselves were super clean, super happy and… Read more “Lauren and Dave”, We found our sweet baby Remi here at silver nickel puppies in Ridgefield. They come in all different colors and with all different markings, from fawn to black, brindle to red, chocolate, white, mahogany or blond, as many people like to say, a rainbow of colors make up the Havanese world.

She is awesome ! This is the open page about my Havanese puppies. Enter your zip or postal code above to access our up-to-date directory). I had shopped around several places even thinking of adopting a dog but I just did not find the… Read more “Diane. I am a the President of the Delaware Valley Havanese Club and a member of the Greater New York Havanese Club. Simone is great! We are a small breeder of home raised, healthy, well socialized puppies. I breed to all AKC standards and am listed as a Breeder of Merit with the AKC. We just purchased 3 new puppies! I have 5 children.

Like those breeds, the Havanese is hypoallergenic. Our beautiful AKC Havanese puppies are born and raised in our homes as part of our family, with … The Havanese breed is ideal for those who may want to train them to become certified therapy dogs. Havanese Breed Information. Thanks again. I always look at the puppies when I am there and always leave thinking about them and how much I want one. Available Havanese Puppies. We have responsible practices in place for breeding Havanese puppies and make sure they come from quality parents with a good pedigree. Havanese Rescue Inc. (HRI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed for the charitable purposes of rescuing purebred Havanese and Havanese mixes which are homeless or soon-to-be-homeless, including those found in animal shelters or similar facilities and those relinquished by their owners. Simone greeted us after me calling a few times and was happy to let us play with who we chose. I don’t normally believe in such a thing but as soon as I walked in, I was mesmerized. Thank you so much for making a couple little people and a Mom so very, very happy. I came in with my infant… Read more “Adria A.”. The Havanese likely share ancestry with breeds such as the Bichon Frise and Maltese, which is not hard to believe given the similarity in appearances. Silver Nickel Puppies Definitely… Read more “Jesse A.”, I never write reviews but after my experience I felt I had to. Amazing dogs, great staff!

I’m glad to know that her early life was with good people who cared for her. You’ll also appreciate all the time and effort that we put in as a Havanese puppy breeder working to care for our puppies during the first few weeks of life while also socializing them with other dogs over time.

The… Read more “Karen M.”, I just bought a teddy bear puppy from Silver Nickel Puppies. The Havanese is an incredibly popular breed which is part of the toy group of dogs. (Detailed contact information has been omitted.

My best friend bought a dachshund from silver nickels and highly recommended them. They are very friendly towards children and get along well with other pets. It is your responsibility to investigate. So my puppies are handled and use to being with children everyday. Important: Breeders.net has not screened the listed breeders and accepts no responsibility for their reputation or quality. We board our dog Daisy at Troy’s Stay and Play when we are on vacation. COPYRIGHT © Darcon Toy Poodles ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

See more info below. A beautiful rambunctious pug and chaotic aussie and a princess dachshund  all three have stolen both our hearts! Our Havanese Angels are family owned by me and my two daughters; we are dedicated to breeding healthy happy puppies with great personalities for loving families as pets. Seeing how healthy and beautiful she is I wanted to go in and see the dogs myself. Below is a sample search of our havanese breeders with puppies for sale. We got our adorable Pyredoodle, Daisy, from Silver Nickel.

I took a look at how the pups were being looked after and… Read more “Ed and Berina”, My boyfriend and I have wanted a puppy for so long .

I have been showing dogs for nearly 30 years and have specialized in Havanese for 15 years. Welcome to Canterby Havanese. Like many other lap dogs, the Havanese was a sign of wealth and luxury in Cuba. Although Darcon Toy Poodles specializes in providing people with well-bred Toy Poodle puppies in Eastern South Carolina near Myrtle Beach, we also have Havanese puppies for sale. The dogs are provided with the attention, care and medical treatment necessary including spay/neutering. ... Sparta, NJ 07871 (973) 729 - 4114 moa@embarqmail.c om: Kahlua and Sebastian are proud to announce they have a new litter of puppies. I started to look around and ended up going to a pet store in Garden State mall but as I walked in I knew it wasn’t the right place for me to get my first dog. Nonetheless, it is a recognized breed in its own right. Simonewas a great help. We found our sweet baby Remi here at silver nickel puppies in Ridgefield.

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