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Let's do the tricky part first. If you can calculate pool volume from square footage and average depth of the pool then you can get a good estimate for square footage of the pool from pool volume and average depth. It will also output the percentage of the tank capacity in use based on the liquid level (liquid height) entered. [1] The US liquid gallon should not be confused with the US dry gallon or the imperial gallon, which are different units of measure. Horizontal Cylinder Tank Total volume of a cylinder shaped tank is the area, A, of the circular end times the length, l. For simple tanks such as rectangular prisms or cylinders the calculation is straightforward and exactly the same as the ones used in our cylinder volume and box volume calculators.

One inch equals 0.0833 feet. Click the "Customize" button above to learn more! The number 3.14, refers to pi, which is a mathematical constant. See our full terms of service. In the example, that was 4 feet. Calculators » Conversions » Feet to Gallons Calculator. Let's do the tricky part first. This article describes in detail how to calculate the size and capacity of the pool you are planning. The pool gallon calculator first calculates the surface area: $$Surface\,Area= \pi × {Width \over 2} × {Length \over 2} = \pi × {30\,ft \over 2} × {20\,ft \over 2} = 471.239\,ft^2$$, $$Volume = Surface\,Area × Depth = 471.239\,ft^2 × 10\,ft = 4712.39\,ft^3$$. Select The rest of the calculations you are now familiar If the shallow end is 3 feet and the deep end is 9 feet, and assuming the slope of the pool bottom is gradual and even, then the average depth is 6 feet. Easily convert feet into gallons with this simply to use cubic feet to gallons calculator. For complex shapes such as dome tops, cone tops or bottoms, sloped bottom, ovals, and capsules, the tank volume is calculated as a sum of the component simpler shapes. Also, real tanks might have tubing or detectors on the inside which might take space not accounted for in the output of this tool. Loadings A cubic foot is sometimes also referred to as a cubic ft. Cubic feet can be abbreviated as ft³, and are also sometimes abbreviated as cu foot, cu ft, or CF. function calcuftr (form) Calculate area from length and width 5. If your room is 10 feet long by 10 feet wide, 10 × 10 = 100 square feet.

function calcuft (form) This tank calculator is a versatile tool allowing to calculate tank volume (a.k.a.

// -->. Use this easy and mobile-friendly calculator to convert between quarts and cubic feet. Well, the calculator does the conversions for you! Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure. {form.water.value = form.cuft.value*7.47} For example, 1 cubic foot can be written as 1 ft³, 1 cu foot, 1 cu ft, or 1 CF. Try our cubic footage calculator to calculate the volume of a space.

For accurate calculations, the pool should be divided into various areas according to the depth.

This free calculator estimates the square footage of a property and can account for various common lot shapes. Multiplying that by the depth gives the volume in cubic feet. Therefore, you might want to treat it as two separate volumes-the volume above the seat line and the volume below. Note that this is easier to do with oils compared to water. Let's be honest - sometimes the best feet to gallons calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the feet to gallons formula is in the first place! ›› Metric conversions and more provides an online conversion calculator for all types of measurement units. Calculate project cost based on price per square foot, square yard or square meter. Cylinder volume calculator 6. 1. In the wooden hot tub, where there is actually water above and below the seats, the tub can be measured as if there are no seats because this difference is negligible. Enter the volume in gallons below to get the value converted to cubic feet. The tank size calculator supports a dozen different tank shapes: cylinder, rectangle, oval, capsule, elliptical, etc. Feet to Gallons Formula: Gallons = Length * Width * Depth * 7.48052 Feet to Gallons Definition Easily convert feet into gallons with this simply to use cubic feet to gallons calculator. Let’s imagine I want to calculate the swimming pool’s volume in litres. Calculating a pool's area in square feet is the first step in determining information including pool gallons, maximum capacity of persons and other important information about your pool. Similarly, a dome top tank's volume is calculated as the sum as the volume of a half-sphere and a cylinder. your Calculator - then press GO! Have Questions? Measure these various areas and use the calculations described previously for each square or rectangular area and for each circular area. Are You Planning a Home Improvement Project? Below is a list of tank shapes supported by the calculator. Tank volume calculator online - calculate the capacity of a tank in gallons, litres, cubic meters, cubic feet, etc. Determine total cost given a rate per square foot, or explore hundreds of other calculators covering topics such as math, finance, fitness, health, and more. But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating feet to gallons then please check out the "Formula" box above. Efficiency (wastewater) For simple tanks such a cylinder tank, one simply needs to replace the tank height with the observed liquid height in the usual volume of a cylinder equation. to Operator Information Center, L x W In addition, we will go through the calculations. That is because the two liquids are not of equal density. How many square feet are in a 10x10 room? When filling the dimensions, make sure to use the inner dimensions of the tank. The diameter of the tub is 10 feet. The calculator does the exact conversion for you

For additional help, contact a swimming pool professional.

document.formName6.selectName6.options[Current].value; Gain valuable insights with real-time statistics and analytics for your calculator. Then, of course, you would use the actual depth (or average depth) measurement. Universal delivery service volumetric weight calculator

Supposing you want to measure the square footage of an area that isn't one single rectangle? If most of the pool is only 3 or 4 feet and then a small area drops off suddenly to 10 feet, you will have a different average depth. Calculator (Lbs) Remove calculation limits and start customizing your calculator! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2020 Calculator Pro Calculators All Rights Reserved. Try our cubic footage calculator to calculate the volume of a space. No link. We’ll send you an email report with contact information each time your calculator is used.

There are two methods used to calculate the capacity of irregular shapes. How to calculate the square footage of a house - example. It can be used as a water tank calculator, oil tank calculator, fuel tank calculator, and so on. For example, if you measure the radius as 5 feet, multiply 5 feet by 5 feet to arrive at 25 feet. // -->, 3.1417 We understand that estimating this by eye is almost impossible! For instance, if the pool is 3 feet deep, 10 feet wide and 20 feet long, you would multiply 3 times the product of 10 times 20 to get 600 cubic feet.

To answer this question, we simply multiply the length of the room by the width. {form.cuft.value = form.length.value*form.width.value*form.depth.value} function calwat (form)

For a triangular swimming pool, the surface area is calculated using the formula: $$Surface\,Area = {Height × Base \over 2}$$. For example, if you measure the radius as 5 feet, multiply 5 feet by 5 feet to arrive at 25 feet. The diameter of the tub is 10 feet. 25.75 ft x 10 ft x 6 ft x 7.5 = 11,587.5 gallons, The formula: 3.14 x radius squared x average depth x 7.5 = volume (in gallons).

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