flight 19 radio transcript

The next, and final transmissions from Flight 19 were incoherent, and made no sense. All survival gear was intact, fuel tanks were full, instruments were checked--but one mechanic commented that none of the aircraft had a clock. .and there was no indication of any gas fumes. comments:  This almost certainly puts him at the northern edge of the Bahamas), FT-28:  “Can you have Miami or someone turn on their radar gear and pick us up? No luck. I’m at 2,300 feet. Source: ICAO Circular 178-AN/111 The reader of these transcripts is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR tape is not a precise science but is the best possible product from a group investigative effort. But nothing was ever found. The sea was very rough.”, In that massive efforts with planes scouring the seas in close coordination — one more plane was lost, a PBM-5 Mariner, with call sign Buno 59225.

The Naval Board of Inquiry records documented the incident quite well. That Walter G Jeffrey, LTJG, USN 329291 volunteer ARCENEAUX, CHARLES D. ENS USNR MISSING A to act as patrol plane commander of PBM-5 59225 CONE, HARRY GRIMES LTJG USNR MISSING A Squadron Training 49, on night of 5 DEC 1945 & in so ALLEN, ROGER MURRAY ENS USNR MISSING A doing displayed sense of duty & spirit.

Alabama by U.S.S. No other planes were included." True, they probably had instrumentation failure through most, if not all of the flight, but, the report does list the fishing vessel crew witnessing the bombing way-point and reporting so, stating that the aircraft continued east. We now know that FT-28 took the lead sometime after the turn north on the second leg, thinking that his students were on a wrong heading. 27, USS Chincoteague AVP24 War Damage Report No. "Cannot see land," he blurts. Something is wrong. Only later did the flight leader discover, however, that both of his compasses were broken. At 1724, FT-28 called for the weather at Fort Lauderdale: clear at Lauderdale; over the Bahamas cloudy, rather low ceiling and poor visibility. The Flight Leader had 2509 hours flight-time, most of it in the TBM, and some of it in combat.

The instructor, whose call sign was Fox Tare Two Eight (FT-28), flew the rear, in a tracking position.

1918 Influenza by Vice Admiral Albert Gleaves, Commander of Convoy Operations in the Atlantic, 1917-1919. At last the briefing began.

At 1716, FT-28 called out that they would fly 270 degrees "until we hit the beach or run out of gas." Flight 19 became hopelessly disoriented. Given the bad weather and heavy seas, all of them may not even have escaped their aircraft after ditching and some may have sunk with their planes.

. […] Hiding The Truth (n.d) Flight 19 – Lost And Found.

comments:  FT-74 was already airborne and thereafter he flew south. Some claim that this Hoodoo Sea is a maritime Molech, that supernatural forces are at work there.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Just like poor Amelia…. Once again, contact was lost for around 20 minutes. Have on emergency IFF. After a few minutes, the Flight Leader affirmed that he could not be sure where they were. For reasons of safety and, perhaps, hopeful confidence, it was determined that the single-engine, single-piloted ready plane would not be risked on an arbitrary flight into the gathering darkness over winter seas.

Under normal circumstances, pilots lost in the Atlantic were supposed to point their planes toward the setting sun and fly west toward the mainland, but Taylor had become convinced that he might be over the Gulf of Mexico.

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This confirms Flight 19′s report of completing the bomb drop. Could you post it?

If these directions had been heard or carried out we are certain this flight would have returned to base safely. 7-7-42, U-Boat War in the Caribbean: Opportunities Lost, Ultra and the Campaign Against U-boats in World War II, Underwater earthquake disasters and the U.S. Navy, General Regulations: Full Dress, Undress, Service Dress, Part 7: Regulations for Wearing Shoulder Straps, Straw Hats, Sword and Scabbard, Sword-Belt, Sword-Knot, Buttons, Cravat, Uniform Regulations, Women's Reserve, USNR, 1943, Gas Masks and Breathing Apparatus U.S. Navy Uniform, Uniform and Dress of the Navy of the Confederate States, Petty Officer Rating Badge Locations and Eagle Designs, Historical Surveys of the Evolution of US Navy Uniforms, United States Atlantic Fleet Organization 1942, United States Pacific Fleet Organization, 1 May 1945, United States Naval Railway Batteries in France, United States Navy and World War I: 1914–1922, United States Submarine Losses World War II, Notes to US Submarine Losses in World War II, German U-Boat Casualties in World War Two, Italian Submarine Casualties in World War Two, Japanese Submarine Casualties in World War Two (I and RO Boats), Unmanned Vehicles for U.S. At this point FT-74's transmitter went out and he had no power to continue on the common frequency with the lost Avengers. I then learned that his first transmission revealing that he was lost had occurred around 1600. At 1700, the weather was deteriorating, and time was running out. Flight 19’s radio transmissions soon became increasingly faint as it meandered out to sea.

. The rest of the transmissions were heard by ASRTU-4. Results negative.

Cruising off the coast of Florida, the tanker S.S. Gaines Mills was sailing through the dark night when it sent the following message, "At 1950, observed a burst of flames, apparently an explosion, leaping flames 100 feet high and burning for ten minutes.

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