euphoria makeup quiz

Here, Doniella breaks down each girl of Euphoria’s makeup profile. B. Lips This first tutorial comes from JustNicole on YouTube. I imagine the characters as Rookie girls, too—although Euphoria's lead makeup artist Doniella Davy told me that their Tumblrs might be filled with photos of Twiggy, Nina Simone, and ‘70s glam rock. They’re definitely like a mood ring to her emotion. A. Tan- I get super dark! Although Nate is constantly trying to convince his friend that Cassie is a “slut,” her face is more angelic with nudes on her lid and dark liner that make those big blue eyes pop. C. I LOVE experimenting with eye makeup, A. Medium-Dark The pink is Baby Jane from the Claropsyche palette again, applied with my fingers, all over my lid. I wanted to inspire people to recreate their own versions of the looks or try things they didn't feel were allowed or appropriate for everyday.” In truth, I hadn’t even thought about makeup like that in so long, let alone worn it—could I, still? ctrl.user.last_order.total_quantity : 0)}}), The Makeup On "Euphoria" Is Surprisingly Easy To Do At Home. “It’s not just corrective and pretty stuff. A. Then, I went in with Dior Pro Liner in Matte Orange [Ed note: launching this month] to line the corners of my eyes. It’s really avante garde, and embodies a lot of Euphoria’s already unique and stylish makeup looks. This Euphoria makeup look is perfect for when you’re going to a music festival, or even Coachella when things open back up again! Since the first episode, it’s all everyone’s been talking about. The series’ favorite protagonist, Rue quickly becomes recognized for her signature under-eye look. Not well. I received no strange looks, no double takes, no questions about my makeup (except from one pharmacist who asked about the pearls while handing me my birth control). Lip gloss would definitely help to nourish and hydrate dry lips from the matte sticks. Personally, I think we’ll be seeing this look replicated by the masses during Halloweekend, which makes total sense since the concept of Halloween itself encourages artistic expression. Unsubscribe anytime. After three days of Jules looks, I wanted to try something of Maddy’s. Then I got to college, saw a chance at normalcy, grabbed it, and stopped. You know, the one where she had sex with some rando because she was angry at her on-and-off abusive boyfriend. I swiped Wet Tshirt white liquid liner from Fenty on my crease, and then finished with a dot of Glossier Colorslide in Early Girl under my lashes. At that point, she’s sick to her stomach.” That’s exactly when Cal and Nate happen to walk through the cafeteria. I opted to use liners instead of shadow, because I thought I’d have more control. This stunning Euphoria makeup look is gorgeous, and can be used for any sort of big event, like a music festival, Coachella, Burning Man, or anything of the sort. “My preferred method for winged eyeliner is a flat, angled eyeliner brush, a pot of cream eyeliner and a lot of practice and patience. Once she blackmails the twins with the “child porn” video they recorded of her, she has them buy everything she needs from Sephora. “I wanted to create a euphoric version of reality through makeup,” Doniella said, “and use colors and textures that would be bold enough to hover above reality. And, since I had to get to work, I was on a time crunch. As the series progresses (Euphoria has been renewed for a second season), Doniella is excited to see Cassie become empowered and find herself. While at school Rue’s face remains bare, she always has makeup under her eyes when she goes out (e.g., her golden tears for Nate’s party or the silver glitter at the carnival). I see it as emotional stories on their faces being told through makeup. It’s really gorgeous, and was inspired by Euphoria! Look closely and you can even find clues to what will come next. Hope you enjoyed this quiz!

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