energizer 15 minute charger blinking red light

SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS This manual contains important safety and operating instructions for your charger. This thing charges fast and holds batterries seculrely so theyalways make contact with the charging post will charge 4 completely drained aa's in 15 min wow. %FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8A87DFFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8 You can buy the batteries locally when/if you need them.I asked Tony about these kits and at the time they were $65. %0DFFA8A8A87D7DA87DA8A8FF7DA87DA87DA87DFD06A8527DA87D7DA87D7D ;-pWell, now that you say it that way, I can see how that's what they probably meant, but I still think it could use a little editing :-)I'll do it "right" from now on though.I did take pics of it to a local Batteries Plus location, and was told that: 1. %5252527D527D52FD13FFA8FFA8FFA8FFFFA8FD19FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8A8A8

%52A852527DA852527DA8A8A87DA8A87D7DA87D7D7DA8FD12FFA8FD28FFA8 I've never really needed the backup before (hence me not realizing for so long that it was faulty) but it's just Murphy's Law that if I go out *without* one, that'll be the time I'll need it, you know? %49FFA8FFFFFFA8FFA8A8FD21FF275227522752525227524B27275227A8FF device model of how batteries operation is not right: a charge of the battery may change its characteristic faster than expected. check out the. %7DA8527D52FD097D527D527D7D7D52A87D527D7D7DA8527D7D52527D527D New cells (such as Eneloops) and a modern smart charger is probably a wiser investment.

If so, what (I don't want to break my other battery). Here is a charger that breaks new strides of recharging your nimh batteries. %7D7D52A87DA8A8FD057DA8A87DA15252A8A87DA8FD057DA87DFFFF7DA1FD Behind every Great man there's always a woman rolling her eyes... Has anyone used other NiMh rechargeables in the energizer 15 min charger? %FD04A8FFA8A8A87DA8FFA8FD13FFA8FD0FFFA8FD07FFA8FFFFFFA8FD05FF %FFFFA8A8FFA8FFA8A8FD26FF7DA87DA87D7D7DA87DA8A87D7DA87D7D7DA8 %A8A8FFFD05A8FFFFFFA8FFA8FF7DA87DFD04FFA8A8FFA8FFA1FFA8A87DA8 assured me that the -er wrong way was the right way. ], Car charger is convenient when you are going somewhere with e.g. %527DFD0552FD1DFFA8A8FFFFA8FFA8767DFFA8FFA8FFFFFFA8FD18FFA8FD If you use these exclusively, then yeah you may have a problem. %FFA17DA87DA87D7D52A87DA8A8A87DA87D7DA852A87D52A8A8A87DA8A8FF They never last anymore. Eventually I noticed it was green (but I don't know for how long - it was plugged in for about 6 hrs total) and I unplugged it and stowed it in the car to use whenever the good battery ran down.Then I didn't get out and about for a while, so the next time I finally ran the good battery down, I'd sort of forgotten about the other one being bad. %7DFD05A87DA87DA8767DA87D7DA87DFD41FFFD047D527D277D7D52A87DA8 %CC0000CC0033CC0066CC0099CC00CCCC00FFCC3300CC3333CC3366CC3399 %FF7DFD0AA8FFFFFF5252524C7D52527DA852527D52527D527D52A8A85227 %%AI8_CreatorVersion: 12.0.1 %FD2FFFA8A8A87D7DA87DA87D7D7DA87D7D52CA7DA87DA87DA87DA85277A8 %A17D2752FD34FFA8FF7DA87DA8A8FFA1FFA8A8A8FFA8A87DA8A8CAA8FFA8 %%For: (CrellCA) (Energizer Battery Corp.)

Maybe that's why they didn't last so long in the Magic Mouse. %277D7DFD0652767DFD0FFF527DFD0852FD057D52527D7D52275227A1277D %7D527D277D527D5252527DFD15FF7DA8527D527D525252A85227527D7D77 %%EndData %AI5_RulerUnits: 0 %7DA8A87D7DA87D7D7DA87DFF7DA87D527DA87DFD0BFF52A2527D7D52527D each slot may have different operating characteristics. Imported. %527D52527D7D52A8277D527D52A87DA85252277D767D7DA87D5252FD06FF %7D7D4C7DFD06FFA8A8A8FD06FFA8FD05FFA8FFFFFFA8FD08FFA8FD17FFFD %7DA87D52A8FD35FFA8FFA8CAFD04A87DFFA8FFA8A8A87DFFFFA1FFA8FFA8

%A8FFA8A87DFFA8FD07FFA87D7D7DA87D7D7DA8A8A87D7D7DFFFD047DFFA1 your camera and realize you don't have extra charged batteries.). %7DA87DA87DA8A8FD15FFA8A87D7D7DFFFD047D52A8A87DA8A852FD047DFF %7D52277D5252527D527DFD0552A82752527D7D7D527D527D52FD0AFFA87D %FFA8FFA8FD33FF7D7DA852A87D7D7DA87DFD52FFFD067D527D7DA8A8FDFC %7DFD04524B7D7D277DA1277DFD06FFA8524B7D527D5252A8527D527D5252 %7DA8FD06FF527D52525276277D527D525276522752527D527D7D7D275252 %AI5_NumLayers: 1 The steady red light is just telling you that the charger …

%7D7D7DA8FD047DA8527D52527DA87D52FD067D527D7DA8527D27A8FD0CFF Tony told me in this case it would be one of two things....a bad charger or the battery went bad. %7DA87D7D7DA8A87DA8A8FD067D52A8A87D52A8A8A87DA8A8A87D52A87DA8 %66FF6666FF9966FFCC66FFFF9900009900339900669900999900CC9900FF The fan usually continues running an additional 8-10 minutes. %FFCC66FFCC99FFCCCCFFCCFFFFFF33FFFF66FFFF99FFFFCC110000001100 When the battery is fully charged you'll see a green light and a red light. %3399003399333399663399993399CC3399FF33CC0033CC3333CC6633CC99 Whether capturing Baby's first steps on film, or taking your portable CD player for a run, it's easy to be prepared when you own this 15-minute charger by Energizer. %27527D527DFD0552A8FD10FFA8FD05FFA8FFFFFFA8FD05FFA8FFA8FFA8FD %7DA8FD057DA87D7D277D7DA852A87DA87D7D7DFFFFFF7D527DA87DA87D7D Go figure. charger is wrong: does not sense voltage/charge consistently. %FFA87D7DA87D7D7DFF527D7DA8FD067D52A8A87D76A87D7D7DA87DA17DFD %A8A87DA87D7D7DA8A87D7DA8FD047DA87DA87D7DA87DFFA8A87DA87D7D7D about that blinking red light, i just go in the mail a energizer 15 min charger and 4 energizer 2500 cells, got it for 10 bucks. %A8FFA8FFCBA8A8FFA8FD07FFA8A8A17DA87D7DA8A8A87D7D7D52FFFD04A8 When I plugged the charger into the wall..then plugged the charger into the battery...it solved the problem. %15FFA8FF7DFFFFFFCACAFD19FF7DA87DA87D7D76A87DA87D7D7D5252A852 %FF52A8527D527DA1A1FD067DA8FD067DA8FD047DA8FD047DA87DA8FFFFA1 Warranty does not cover misuse of product. %047DA87DA87DA87DA8A87D7DA8A8A252FFA87D7DA87D7D52FF7D527DA87D %527D527D527D27527D27527D7D7D527D7D7D277D7DA87D7D7DFD11FF7D27 %FD05A8FFA8FFA8CAFD05A8FFA8FFA8A8A8FFA8A8A8FD11FF7D527D527D52 Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2015. %52A87D7D7DA8A8FD057DA8FD0FFFA8A8FFFFA8FFFFFFA8FD07FFA8A8FD18 %9933009933339933669933999933CC9933FF996600996633996666996699 %FFFFA8FFFFFFA8FFA8FD18FFA8FFA8FFA8FFFFFF7DFF7DA87D7D7DFD06A8 It's true folks. %52FD047D527D525227527D7D5252A8FD38FFA8FFA87D7DA8A8CAA8A8A8FF %16FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8A8A8FFA8FFA8FFFFFFA8CBA8FFA8FF52A8FFFD04A8 Includes 4 AA batteries. You get the tray, bag, charger, and wires you need to connect the 2 SLA batteries you can buy at Batteries Plus. AWESOME! %7DFD0552FD057D525277524CA8527D7D527DA852764B5252A85252527D27 %7D7DA8FFA8FD07FFA87D7D7D5252A87DA87DA87DA87DA87D4B7D7D7DA8A8 This charger already doesn't work and I bought it in April, so less than a year, and we didn't use it that much. %FFFD05A8FD16FFA87DA87DA87DA87D7DA87DA87D7DA8A8A87DA87DA87DFD So for me, if my batteries die after a year, then I buy more. Don't use a super fast charger as your general one, only as your "oh crud, Im going out in 1 hour and need some batteries" charger. Every household should have one!!! they could definitely replace those batteries right then and there with in-stock units, and the base price of the batteries before taxes and whatnot would be $45.00, (just in case anyone else gets stuck and needs a quick replacement) I'd just need to bring them the wiring harness, or preferably the entire old battery so they could recycle it safely. He noticed that my good battery was about done, so he swapped them to ride it into the house. %AI9_Flatten: 1 There is really nothing to complain about with this battery charger. %7D527D7D527D7D527D52A852A852A87DA87D7DA27D7D7D52277DFD19FF7D %7DA876A8A87D7D7DA87D7DA87DA17DA852A8FD1AFF7DA87DA8A8FD22FF7D If it is flashing red, the batteries have lost their ability to hold a charge, and they need to be thrown out. %F827F827F827F8527D27F827F827F827212752FD0CFF527D7DA852527D7D And the good battery works just *peachy* at the same time that the bad one doesn't work at all, so it's not that i've left the brakes on or anything else nutso like that I was just sitting down to take the bad battery out of it's carry-bag and see if I could figure out what it's problem was when I discovered that the sides of the battery are bulging outwward so much that they're straining against the packing-strap that holds the battery to the baseplate.I hastily asked my hubby to take it out to the garage and put it somewhere "safe" until I could figure out how to dispose of it properly.I think I have to call the city to make a special collection for it.

Any way i pug it in and there is a red light blinking, so i just leave it, i check on it in about 10 min, still the red light blinking and cells are a bit warm, i … I'm surely not putting that thing in my car, or mailing it anywhere! %7D527DA17D52A87D7D7DA8A8FD2FFFA8FFA8FD18FF7D527D7D7DA27D7D7D It looks like it could blow at any minute! %FFA8FFFFA8FFFFA8FD0BFFA87D525252277D7D4B7D527D527D7D7D527D52 In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. %FFA87D7DA8FFA8A87DA87D7D7DA8A87D7DA87DA8A8A87DA87D7DA8A87DA1 Ideal for digital cameras, portable audio devices, handheld games and other high-drain devices, this unit charges any 4 AA or 4 AAA NiMH batteries in only 15-minutes. In addition to purchasing batteries for that, I also bought some for my children's Leap Pad as we were just about to go on a seriously long road trip. %7D7DA87D7D7DA8A87D7DA87D7D7D52527D527D7DA1FD077DA852FD0A7DA8 %057DA8A852FD047D52527D527D277D7DA8527D527D7D7DA8FD5DFFA8FFFF %A87D7D7DA87DA87DA8A87D7DA87D7D7DFD0BFFA87D7D7D527D27527D7D52 That will be handy to know in an emergency! Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2018. Useful Tips for Airline Travel (including battery documentation), Synchronised scooters: Red Wheelies hit the road, Flashing red lights on the battery charger, From ship to shore and shopping to sightseeing. Are there any specific app/lets that provide more info? Recording this for other users, as well as smarter computers that can read. %A8A8FFA8FD1CFF52A852527D7D52527D52527DFD17FFA8F82720272727F8 %7D7DFFFFFFA87D7DA8277D7DA8FD047DA8FD047DA17DA87DA8527D7DA87D Hardy sent me to Batteries Plus here in Boise to buy SLA batteries when I was having a problem with my charger for my l'ion battery.The SLA batteries did cost $90 (for the pair).

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