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It remains an allowed skill for men as of 2008. The legacy and reputation of the legend that had successfully battled Nadia Comaneci and what remained of that gymnast as she lay in a hospital bed were both under assault. Mukhina was rushed into surgery that afternoon, but the damage had already been done to her reputation; one of the National Team coaches, she said in the Ogonyok interview, showed up at her bed the day after surgery and outright stated that she "wasn’t conscientious" and that she could still "train in a cast." She likes music, poetry and to sit and think. made worse due to experimental treatments that seemed to do more harm than good Mukhina eventually quit experimental treatments and decided it was better for her quality of life to come to terms with her injury rather than needlessly spending energy trying to reverse it. It can only be imagined how much time she spent creating it and how exhausting the process was. The Soviet press in contrast hardly covered Mukhina at all. herself in an attempt to replicate her pre-injury lifestyle. Those letters took a heavy mental toll on Mukhina and I covered that topic in a separate article. Mukhina had landed awkwardly on her neck and her the Olympic Order. But there is one specific topic that is the exception to all of this, one particular issue that truly bothered her. During the Olympic television broadcast commentators interviewed Titov and asked about Elena Mukhina.

In 1985 the Olympic Order in bronze was discontinued and all As the Soviets saw it, if they could make Mukhina less relevant of a gymnast, they could make her injury less relevant.

mental adjustment to her newfound situation, and the physical condition as her They have Titov was not just the most influential administrator within Soviet gymnastics, but all of gymnastics due to his status as President of FIG. extremely structured lifestyle. Her career was on the rise and she was widely touted as the next great gymnastics star until a 1979 broken leg left her out of several competitions, and the recovery from that injury combined with pressure to master a dangerous and difficult tumbling move (the Thomas salto) caused her to break her neck just two weeks before the opening of the 1980 Summer Olympics, leaving her permanently quadriplegic just one month past the age of 20. The Pravda article would prove to be one of the worst articles ever written on Soviet gymnastics. From 1980-1986 the Soviets never made a serious attempt to make information widely available on what exactly had happened with Mukhina. When it was discovered that the fracture had not healed properly, Mukhina was rushed into surgery again. Mukhina did make commentary that reflected quite poorly on the Soviet system, but much of it comes in the context of an interviewer pointing the conversation in that particular direction. She became “one of a dozen candidates” in consideration for the Olympic team, as opposed to her pre-injury status as a gymnast the Soviets had spent more time promoting than any other WAG. The inconsistency from the Soviets was laughable. The Olympic Order in its original format looked like a medal. limits of her body as she had done as an athlete was still there. It comes up multiple times in Mukhina’s rhetoric. Link to: Elena Mukhina and the Soviet Coverup, Link to: How Fan Mail Bothered Elena Mukhina. Like Mukhina, an attempted coverup added to Simone’s pain at a time when she was already going through so much. The reason Titov’s comments were so devastating was because it had left open the question as to whether Mukhina could return to competition. There was little doubt that the Soviet Olympic women’s gymnastics team would get the gold medal in the team competition at the 1980 Summer Olympics, as it did at all previous Olympics. Link to: How Fan Mail Bothered Elena Mukhina. Her condition notwithstanding, Mukhina was a guest columnist for Moscow News in the late 1980s. The amount It was an issue still on her mind long after those letters had been sent. And that was the official Soviet explanation as to why Mukhina wouldn’t return to competition. The International Gymnast report stated Mukhina: “…was again able to move her arms and legs, so that there is obviously no chance of paraplegia.”.

Unlike other examples of Mukhina’s criticisms where she is lead into the topic of Soviet misconduct by the interviewer, the letters are a topic she interjects into the conversation on her own initiative. Soviet gymnastics coverage featured the revelation of biographical details of its athletes to generate a more personal connection with fans and the recapping of competitive results rather than attempts to spin a narrative. Samaranch also gave Mukhina an open invite to attend any competition. Samaranch had been elected to the IOC presidency just 13 days after the injury to Elena Mukhina. Her previous accomplishments were downplayed. Link to: My write up on Elena Mukhina winning the Olympic Order. The warrior athlete who trained on a broken leg was said to not be trying hard enough. Great regards to a very special humsn-being. Mukhina’s situation was

She was not a serious competitor and Soviet coaches largely ignored her. significant of a figure to be excluded from Olympic history. Downplaying the severity of Mukhina’s injury was the simplest and most obvious tactic the Soviets resorted to. The Soviets initially acknowledged Mukhina had suffered a spinal injury, but specifically denied she had been paralyzed.

Elena Vyacheslavovna Mukhina ( first name sometimes rendered "Yelena", last name sometimes rendered "Muchina"; June 1, 1960December 22, 2006), born in Moscow, Russian SFSR, was a former Soviet gymnast who won the All-Around title at the 1978 World Championships at Strasbourg, France. and are unfazed by the prospect of hard work. one other Soviet citizen had been awarded an Olympic Order in silver, the chief Trying to give Mukhina the “right perspective” that she should keep swinging around a pair or parallel bars. Because of her injury, she had great difficulty re-mastering a signature tumbling run, a Thomas salto (a 1 and 3/4 flip with 1 1/2 twists).

Titov was not just the most influential administrator within Soviet gymnastics, but all of gymnastics due to his status as President of FIG. I will never forget the very hard life of Elena.

Mukhina would go as far as to specifically absolve both the national team coach who was coaching her at the time of the accident, and her personal coach of blame. The reality was Mukhina was being personally coached and had been specifically ordered to perform the Thomas Salto at the time of her injury. Kind, considerate, and was raised in a way where she felt duty bound to respond to those who had taken the time to send her well wishes. The injury to Elena Mukhina put a damper on all of the previous success Soviet WAG had created for itself. The injury was catastrophic leaving her paralyzed from the A renowned international organization had decided to honor a Soviet athlete.

Only to draw the comparison that she didn’t do it to the extent of Raisman and Denhollander. And that topic was the issue of the Soviet coverup and the letters fans had sent Mukhina encouraging her to keep training after her injury. Elena Mukhina was a high profile athlete, in a high profile sport, who had been injured right as the foreign press was descending on the Soviet Union as the Olympic Games were about to begin. How Titov would respond to that question was going be critical. FAMpeople is your site which contains biographies of famous people of the past and present.

While the behavior of the fans was something that could have been improved on, the true culprits were the Soviet sports administrators who chose protecting their own interests at the direct detriment of the athlete who had been hurt. been a productive day. later modified to be a giant necklace with a chain attaching to a large set of

presidents. She specifically credited Samaranch for helping encourage her to enter the field of journalism.

( Log Out /  More Mukhina Content:Link to: Elena Mukhina’s Trip to America. Mukhina had achieved considerable fame in her career. A gymnast who was The Sports Committee of the USSR, the Central Committee of the Young Communist League, and the Central Army Sports Club were all specifically cited.

She also tied for the gold medal in the floor exercise event final, as well as winning the silver in balance beam and uneven bars. They take pride in being physically exhausted as that means it has Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. on it, the award gives Mukhina Olympic credibility. Link to: How Fan Mail Bothered Elena Mukhina Link to: Elena Mukhina’s Trip to America. ( Log Out /  The main goal is not the prestige of winning an Olympic medal, but the image that their form of government is superior. After announcing that Mukhina was missing the Olympics due to injury, the Olympic Order was the only other mention of Mukhina because her winning a prestigious IOC award could be spun positively. Once again the Soviets were lambasting Mukhina by putting the burden back on her.

Everything that had happened so far had hurt Elena Mukhina, but it paled in comparison to the damage that was about to inflicted on Mukhina during the Olympic competition. High level athletes do all of this while living an

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The public was starting to learn the true circumstances of what precisely had happened to Elena Mukhina, but the conduct of Yuri Titov would take things a step backwards. What happens when an athlete believes the fans only love her because of her physical abilities, and that same athlete loses the ability to walk? He would become one of Mukhina’s strongest supporters stating that Mukhina “deserves the award more than anybody else.” Samaranch kissed Mukhina on the forehead when she was awarded the Olympic Order. Pravda took advantage of the incident to talk about the greatness of Soviet athletes.

A recent example occurred with Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva. Mukhina took a keen interest in children and young gymnasts both before and after her injury.

But all of this was inconsequential to what was about to come next.

Fan mail with comments encouraging her to return to the gym.

There is no bigger platform and no larger audience than the television broadcast of an Olympic competition. It was an easily believable lie as Mukhina was widely assumed to be on the verge of retirement even before her injury. This bothered Medvedeva to such an extent that she filmed her first ever live stream in English specifically to address the issue. And fans fell in love with her for it. Instead of vying for medals, after great These athletes have come to realize that they are famous and loved because of the difficult gymnastics skills they are capable of, and come to question if that is all they are loved for.

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