elasticsearch port scan detection

What we do here is scanning again through the results to pick the attacker and target hosts, plus the count of how many unique ports were scanned. If you are interested in networking or information security then you are likely familiar with the port scanning tool nmap. I am however able to run it on other ports like 8000, but when we are pointing to port 80 it doesn't seem to work.. http.port: 8000 (This works) http.port: 80 (Doesn't seem to work) Also host has initiated 2 TCP connections against hosts and, which seems legitimate. 5 comments Open Port Scan Detection #1615. Specifically terms and cardinality aggregations. I modified the elasticsearch.yml file to point to port 80, but it doesn't seem to work.. You can create visualizations of your nmap data in Kibana and eventually create dashboards from these visualizations. For this use case we will want to monitor all events indicating a new TCP connection being initiated from source to target host, in short all TCP packets with SYN=1, ACK=0. Using this approach, correlation logic can be applied to all the events, regardless of the datasource from which the event originated from. You should now only have two files in this directory. elasticsearch.exceptions.RequestError: TransportError(400, u'illegal_argument_exception', u'No search type for [scan]') 各位前辈有没有遇到过这个问题,在2.x上测试似乎木有问题 Using a field naming convention allows to build correlation logic abstracting from which source the event originated from, be it a Windows or a Linux failed login. This script makes use of the Python API for Elasticsearch. where TCPD_TIMESTAMP is a custom defined grok pattern to match 2016-02-09 13:51:09.625253. While we impatiently wait for Packetbeat Flows to be released and allow more out-of-the-box network protocol level capture capabilities, we'll use tcpdump capture using the below command for the purpose of this blog: the above command will listen on the eth0 network interface of the monitored host and capture all and only the TCP packets indicating that a new TCP connection handshake was initiated, also avoiding resolving IP to hostnames for faster execution; then we pipe the results to netcat to send them to our Logstash instance for event processing, which we assume here to be running locally. For example a failed login, be it from a Linux. As a side node, if you like NMap, take a look at this blog post to see all the awesome things you can do using logstash-codec-nmap.

You might need to install ruby-nmap to install this plugin. Navigate to your logstash directory. Send a nice email to warn us! Posted In: ElasticSearch, Gezegen, NetFlow. Next we'll see how we can use Watcher to automatically receive an email when an event like this happens. https://www.elastic.co/blog/elasticsearch-and-siem-implementing-host-portscan-detection This is how to index the nmap report into Elasticsearch using the script: In Sense, create the index that you are going to index the data to. Alternatively, you can create the index from your server’s command line using curl. Not yet enjoying the benefits of a hosted ELK-stack enterprise search on Qbox? To be able to use my config, you will need to download a template from the github page which is referenced in the config file. On my server, the directory is located at /opt/logstash. A few seconds later, we receive an email: Et voila! # nfdump -Nqr fnf1.dump -o "fmt:%ts, %sa, %sp, %da, %dp, %byt, %pkt, %out, %pr" > fnf1.csv, http://localhost:9200/netflowlab/_optimize?max_num_segments=1, Port Scan Detection using ElasticSearch and Kibana, NetFlow Analysis using ElasticSearch & Kibana, Kibana dashboard showing various NetFlow metrics. As we have extracted the information we were after (timestamp,src_ip,dst_ip) we can decide to trash message and payload fields: Next we send these events to Elasticsearch index logstash-tcpdump-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}. The alert was triggered and intended watch action was performed. NEK : Netflow + ElasticSearch + Kibana: One of the most fundamentals of security monitoring is to be aware of port scans which can be part of reconnaissance activity. Make sure you have the latest version of logstash, especially if you are having trouble installing the logstash-codec-nmap plugin. If you are making use of nmap, then you probably also use OpenVas or Nessus.

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