dragon storm fantasy guide

There are many team adventures in the game that you must go with other players or against other players.

Same if you need help or have questions about the game.

The battle statistics will simply appear on the screen and prizes will be awarded.

For instance, even though you can already automate dungeons and quests in the game, you can also use the Macro Recorder to automate even more features. There’s, of course, much more to your class than what we shared here. A hero can turn into a lizard only after the skill scale is filled.

Basic parameters - are given to the hero at the start of the game, increase with Transmutation and an increase in the level of the hero.

However, the game also offers plenty of automation to improve the grinding experience and, while these tools are quite handy, they make it a bit harder for committed players to understand what they must do in order to progress. Easily remain competitive in the mini game without the need to be online 24/7! "Starry soul." At this point, the Dragon uses his active skills, which are improved in the menu.

Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often. Pros Archer - this is the most agile character in the game, despite the fact that he has little health, his speed of movement and evasion helps him stay on the battlefield longer. Here the gems are inserted into the corresponding items of the hero’s wardrobe. Experience the special "Globe class, cross-server War where the fighting never ends!

All players at the start have 2 lives. In Story Mode, you complete stages and in the tower mode, slay down the monsters as many as you can. After the start of the event, you can enter the field within 5 minutes; in the remaining time, getting into a brawl will not work.

Each of the adventures gives the player certain resources.

These are additional skills of the hero, which strengthen him during the battle. Slay variety of world-class bosses for rich resources, loot, XP, and unique treasure drops!

With Dragon Storm Fantasy, you’ll never run out of options.

Sadly, right after you finish the tutorial boss battle, you’ll be completely stripped of your weapons, armor, skills, and powers. Also, wings improve the basic and special parameters of the hero. The land of Arcus is in a constant state of war! We’ve mentioned on several occasions how Dragon Storm Fantasy, aside from being a fantasy MMORPG properly, also borrows elements from idle games. Often one of the tasks at the stages is to maintain a certain level of health within 35%, 50% or 70%.

The developers clearly didn’t want to focus on the narrative, and instead put all their effort into the gameplay and mechanics, which can be fun if done co… Relying on the auto-navigation is, hands down, the best way to progress in Dragon Storm Fantasy. When you’re playing Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC, you’ll notice that your progression is constantly blockaded by your combat power. Players receive rewards for the rating of the battle, the rating depends on the number of points received. The higher this characteristic, the higher the chance of hitting an opponent.

Here it is necessary to answer a number of questions. Do not forget that there are players who set the battle mode "Guild" or "Against all." Sometimes these indicators increase equipment and weapons.

If you want to slice them up using powerful sword moves, you have to go with the Warrior. In this menu, your equipment and weapons are worn on the hero. With an increase in the level of the satellite, the following increases: Strengthen - in this tab, like Transport, the starryness of creatures increases. Because of this, you’ll definitely want to rush your leveling experience in this MMORPG.

No problem, our www service offers thousands of hacks, promo codes, solutions and Since you are on your phone, we are going to send you to the Google Play page. In this sense, while you can definitely run around Arcus completing quests and powering up your character, you can also continue to farm and grind offline through the game’s AFK mode.

The awakening of weapons greatly enhances the skills of the Divine Dragon. Reduces the chance of blocking the enemy.

Without increasing the power, you would not be able to get three stars and you can not even clear the stage. If you go to the Dungeon with friends, the entire squad gets 50 proximity points. The soul improves for feathers of various qualities. Dailies are a staple of the MMMORPG genre. Before you start the battle, you can choose anyone of the add-ons; HP potion, shield burst, and destiny.

In this case, it is better to fight the boss manually. At the same time, they increase: Stars increase in the tab "Improve" for the fragments of the corresponding dragons.

While leveling up and powering up your character is the objective in most games, it’s even more important in Dragon Storm Fantasy as many features and game modes are locked behind a level requisite. Pluses of the Magician - the most basic plus is its high damage.

Divine particles are a reward in Escort Quests. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Before you start the battle, tap on the ability and increase all the attributes.

Fight on your own or lead your allies onto massive battlegrounds. Battle modes can be changed at any time by clicking on the button located in the lower right corner above the skills buttons. 1,152 talking about this. If you are late, you can only get into a simple test field. The main mission of the dragons is to appear at the most difficult moment of the battle. All of them have different parameters …

In all adventures (Plot, Dungeons, Quests) there is a mode of "Autobattle". Red circles. Elemental attacks - attacks that the hero inflicts with water, air, earth or fire.

When a player goes through stories manually, he performs all the actions himself. answers.

The critical strike parameter can go up to 150% of a normal attack. The best way to get three stars in each stage is to perform combos, use your warrior’s skill.

The higher the Combat Strength, the more rewards the character receives, the further passes in the adventures.

Increased damage in battles against any monsters or bosses. You can take on fights players with other classes of heroes.

True to its name, this title has you exploring the world and helping people in order to level and power up your character, with the ultimate goal of protecting the world from darkness. It is a great new offline RPG for Android with lots of fun and challenging stages.

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