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I've talked to Army and Air Force enlistment recruiters so far (nearest CG recruiter is 2 hours away). Same for you /u/Supersonic_Walrus.

Some exceptions exist for direct commission officers, but the flight school age will not be waived. We have a thread specifically for recruiting and also some chat rooms for ME, Aviation, Recruiting, etc with Coasties ready to answer questions. your ground job, which could be flying-related (schedules officer, safety officer, etc) or not (Admin, Facilities Engineering, Morale, etc).

The Coast Guard does offer GI bill benefits the same as any other service. It is certainly possible to enlist and apply to OCS and then apply to flight school, any USCG pilot knows people who have done this.

TA is not totally reliable though and is subject budget fluctuations and is sometimes limited to enlisted members of people trying to get bachelor degrees. In addition, they can provide active duty support to other branches of the United States military, assist with oceanographic surveys, and perform a variety of other flight tasks. Coast Guard pilots also play a role in law enforcement and national security. I'm applying to the Coast Guard Academy, what is the prospects of going to flight school after graduation? You must be an officer in the Coast Guard or a flight-school graduate from another branch of the armed forces to qualify for a position as a helicopter pilot.

A safety investigation is underway, and the wing imposed “additional mitigation measures to reduce the likelihood of future incidents,” according to the statement. Civilian pilots are not accepted for direct commissions because they do not have experience specific to military environments and thus would require additional training. First you'll need a degree. A 25th Fighter Squadron A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot performs a pre-flight check prior to takeoff April 9, 2020, at Osan Air Base, South Korea.

So, let's assume that you're enlisted, and meet the age requirements. The U.S. Coast Guard is a military branch under the Department of the Navy that is charged with protecting the ports, waterways and coastlines of the United States. Pretty sure previous flight time doesn't matter, either. You will finish your training and qualify to fly a helicopter at the Coast Guard's Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Ala.

Im 15 and love to fly just looking for possible Opportunities.

In that case you can go work out, watch a movie, or challenge your co-pilot to a round of Call of Duty. After graduation as an officer, it is possible to apply for pilot training.

Degree - Technical degrees might help a little bit, both in getting accepted to flight school and in understanding the aircraft, systems, and aerodynamics, but are definitely not a requirement. There are successful Coast Guard pilots with English Literature degrees. Fixed wing guys are usually a little more chill, and don't need to scare the shit out of themselves every once in a while to enjoy the mission. So now, most likely you're an ensign at a sector in the response or prevention department...maybe on a cutter if you're lucky (also competitive).

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There may even be more incentives in the coming years. I want to go to grad school someday. Pilots must be able to fly safely in inclement weather. Someone who has trained as an aviator with another military branch can apply for a direct commission to start serving right away as a Coast Guard pilot. There are numerous opportunities for going straight to flight school from OCS, and we are going to need to be cranking out as many pilots as possible for the next seven years. O.O.

Yeah but flying for the USCG might be more fun and I've heard the USCG has the best quality of life which in an all volunteer force makes sense to me. Once you have that, assuming that you're a high performing individual who will be endorsed by their can apply to OCS. I haven't asked a recruiter these Q's but maybe one of you'd be willing to help? This probably changes things a bit. Stuff like that. Upon graduating from OCS you will be obligated 3 years and upon graduating flight school you will be obligated 8 years (so it is basically 11 years). Do you have to stick to the same airframe for the rest of your military career? How was your experience?

You'll typically change collateral jobs every summer, and you'll transfer to a new Air Station every 3-4 years. Hope things work out for you, feel free to PM me if you have any other questions! In addition, you may have to relocate as the Coast Guard can station you at any station.

I should have mentioned earlier that I am 25 years old and already have a Bachelor's degree.

Does the USCG have longer time at posts than other branches?

Also, how does NSS play a role with CG during flight school? The Coast Guard aviation community consists of approximately 800 pilots and an enlisted workforce of approximately 2,500.

I really don't have a preference to what branch of military join to fly.

These things change though so just because odds are good now that doesn't mean they will be great in two or three years. What Are the Requirements to Join the US Military? Some have said 5 years others have said you have to do a tour on the ground before getting a flight slot, totaling an 11 year commitment. There are all kinds of deployments, but most are around 2-6 weeks depending on the type and location. How did you decide between fixed-wing or helicopter?

This will be followed by a second pilot program, with 5,000 students, in 2022.

Stop by and see what's going on in the fleet, or ask us a question you might have about the Coast Guard. OSAN AIR BASE, South Korea — An A-10 Thunderbolt II pilot inadvertently dropped a projectile outside a designated training area on Oct. 13, according to the 51st Fighter Wing at Osan. What is your schedule like? Jobs As a Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot. The Coast Guard currently uses the ASTB score to select pilot candidates for training on Coast Guard planes and helicopters.

Important Coast Pilot Information. They fly emergency missions in all sorts of weather. -You’ll have to go to OCS, and to advance past O4 I’m pretty sure you’re required to go to grad school. Another option is to receive a direct commission. At some units/airframes you'll deploy fairly frequently, some don't at all.

For example, when you first commission at the O-1 pay grade, your base pay is $2876.40 per month. I am a Coast Guard MH-65 pilot in my third tour. I'm a sophomore in highschool trying to figure out what I want to do career wise with my flying.

I can't speak to the other services but, in the CG you won't be stuck on an aircraft carrier for 10 months at a time or deployed to the desert for 6 months. My experience was academy>cutter> I can't speak exactly to your question but can give you some useful info I hope.

When you're on duty and not flying - as discussed above, you often have desk work you need to take care of, but when you're junior, you often have spare time.

Press J to jump to the feed.

I am not sure if there are any security issues, but if it is possible, I feel like it would be a great experience. If I really wanted to go the Officer and Pilot route, I would stay in for a full 20. In that case you can go work out, watch a movie, or challenge your co-pilot to a round of Call of Duty.

Maureen Malone started writing in 2008.

Job Requirements for an Apache Helicopter Pilot.

You'll come in to work in the afternoon, get an ops briefing and meet with your crew.

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