cat vs rats tourniquet

We now know it can be on for hours before it even begin to damage the patient, and now tourniquets are often times your first intervention in tactical medicine. Why leave your decision in the life-saving equipment you carry to the judgment of a misleading brand ambassador or snazzy social media campaign? RCR Medical X8T Black Tactical Tourniquet. It's a debate worth having. This won’t feel comfortable. Complete modular systems $99! Now I could type how to use it out, but this infographic from explains it quite well.

Nevertheless, data suggests that they may inadequately occlude arterial bleeding and only stop venous bleeding, both of which can worsen hemorrhage and outcomes.7 They can also be extremely painful and pressure difficulties can result in excessive pressure.8 In the event a novice applies a rubber TQ, will they be able to apply it in concentric wraps to ensure there is adequate pressure to stop arterial bleeding? Swan KG, Jr., Wright DS, Barbagiovanni SS, Swan BC, Swan KG. A tourniquet isn't just about putting one on, but keeping it on. However, with items used in a high stress environment, you'll want a redundant product that is less likely to be messed up. There are a few differences between them. Mark/spray paint the training TQ to keep it separate and train on it often to stay fresh and keep your time under 30 seconds. trauma, Surviving a Hostage or Kidnapping Situation.

When a major artery is severed, the patient can bleed to death in less than a minute, so speed is everything. the newer version of the NAR TQ holder (elastic) is a very good option for carry too. The passive retention is strong enough to keep your TQ in place while doing anything, even hanging upside down, but not so strong that it’s overly difficult to pull the TQ out when you need it.

The CAT3 needs some practice to get down smoothly, especially with the friction adapter. Laboratory assessment of out-of-hospital interventions to control junctional bleeding from the groin in a manikin model. This type of tourniquet also features a red tip to make the end of the Velcro strap easy to find. Change ), The Case for Medical Training: An Appeal to Commanders, The Combat Medic’s Guide to Answering Flu and Vaccine Questions from Patients, Buyer Beware: Selecting Your Everyday Carry Tourniquet, Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. There are 2 main types on the market, the CAT and the SOFT T - wide. Don’t leave a tourniquet on for more than 2 hours.

It’s easier to use with one hand, it’s less likely to cause nerve damage, and has a long history of success in the worst places possible. They're ideal for self injuries. Even someone who doesn’t know what they are doing can easily use it. 2009;66(3):672-675. Here are a few different TQ carriers to keep your tourniquet accessible and ready to rock when you need it. This requires less movement and going around the limb than the multiple loops of the RAT. The downside is that it isn’t the fastest option. Nothing has become a larger issue than hemorrhage control. For a fast deployment, you can carry your tourniquet using a. 2013;31(8):1276-1278. The outcomes can be unpredictable.

Heads will explode.

One reason I like the LAPG pouch is that it’s reasonably priced but still very well made. Any tourniquet in your IFAK needs to be the type a person can easily apply to themselves. The RATS has issues, but it’s also great for a couple of reasons. And that brings us to the BFG Tourniquet NOW!

It also happens to be one of the easiest to treat. The Boston Bombing occurred at home and in that same incident, we saw the value of. So, why would you carry an inferior tourniquet to use on yourself or your family? Don’t forget to take a look at the manufacturer, as well. Every tourniquet has its Pro's and Con's that can and should be mitigated by rigorous training. I would love for a product that is smaller, faster and lighter than what we currently use, but more importantly I want one that can save more lives. That’s one of the first things I heard from “Doc,” during my first Combat Lifesaver course in my first year as a Marine. At the same time, there is an upside to that ratchet. It's a debate worth having. « Bitter Goard: Powerful Treatment For Diabetics...And Everyone Else! Write down the time of application. It’s also very wide, so the risk of nerve damage is lower. He goes on to further call into question the endorsement (read recommendation) of products by the CoTCCC by citing examples of CAT Tourniquet failures in the field and the CoTCCC’s “dubious support” of Combat Gauze when a Z-Medica director sits on the committee. Where do anecdotes fit into evidenced based medicine? I am a 2020 graduate from Texas A&M University College of Medicine. The opinions or assertions contained herein are the private views of the authors and are not to be construed as official or as reflecting the views of the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, Texas A&M College of Medicine, or the Canadian Armed Forces. But with fake tourniquets, likely made in China, being sold online for a third of the actual price, manufacturers fear the knock-offs will end up in the public's hands. And if you want a concealed medical kit, the RATS is great because it is by far the easiest TQ to drop in a pocket or clip to a belt. ( Log Out /  It must be understood that, first and foremost, tactical medicine is medicine. Having a tourniquet is more likely to save your life or the life of another than a gun.

It doesn't matter if you have the best tourniquet in the market if you can't use it properly. One of the greatest problems with tourniquets is applying them quickly enough. This means put it on the arm close to the shoulder and on the leg close to the hip as tight as you can wind it.

The RATS tourniquet has been a controversial piece of gear with a large amount of the discussion being based on a RATS vs CAT debate. I kept one in my cargo pocket, one in my. Whether you’re prepping for when SHTF, or simply looking to build a comprehensive first-aid kit for your home, you’ll need tourniquets.But which tourniquet type and model is right for you?

I teach my TCCC students the option for a CAT to instead be applied through the friction adapter at the correct height of the limb. The white Velcro strap serves double duty to secure the windlass and provides a place to write down what time the tourniquet was applied. I would not recommend this product that is not CoTCCC approved and many units do not allow it. Historically, most, if not all, tourniquets used in the field use a windlass mechanism, where a bar is twisted until the tourniquet is tight. The Wide model is included in the official CoTCCC list, while the normal one is not. This has been argued to death on the interwebs.

Check out our beginners guns video course. I could go over every possible tourniquet on the market and write a book but I'm sure you got the point. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. In late September the Obama administration will roll out an initiative to put tourniquets in public places, office buildings, and schools. Would you want your paramedics or doctors working on your family to use a device that has questionable effect? About 50% of combat deaths were due to blood loss in wars past, and I would hazard a guess that too many people in the civilian world have died due to a preventable hemorrhage. 09-05-2015 Hits:7400 Uncategorized pages Jay P. [ecwid id="7060398" categories_per_row="3" category_view="grid" search_view="list" grid="3,3" list="10" table="20" widgets="productbrowser"]. I really like this holster. This is a really cool feature because you can detach the bag (which is connected by Velcro) from the Molle backer, which stays attached to the mount. With that being said, I'd still use a RATS if it's all I had. Military Medicine. If you want what the experts recommend, refer to the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC, spoken as “Tee-Cee-Three”). The Rapid Application Tourniquet System (RATS) (Figure 5) and the Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT™) (Figure 6) did not show any improvement over the CAT, and further, the RATS resulted in greater blood loss and slower application time when compared to the C-A-T.13 Both the RATS and TMT were able to stop arterial hemorrhage in the manikin model, but were not shown to be more effective or superior to the C-A-T.

5. It concerns tourniquets, medical devices that can save lives by stopping blood loss.

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