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Potatoes (1/4) Unfortunately the estimated carb % of those numbers is not 5%, but rather about 28%. The so-called grain free foods simply replace rice with potatoes and dried beans, that I don’t believe there has been nutritional studies in dogs and cats on (?) More important regarding pet food is that it is manufactured with no quality standard system monitored by a third party auditor as are all the components in your car and are most manufactured products, and incidentally are European pet foods.

My service dog, a beautiful Std Poodle that really was the love of my life began out of nowhere, sporadically bleeding internally/ in his stools – it took 6 months of very expensive vets & every testing under the sun to finally fi d what they believed was already metastasized cancer near his spleen (not common whatsoever for his breed)… I watched him waste away from an always happy, perky boy to a skeleton of a dog & had to unfortunately put him down the very night before we were scheduled to see an oncologist. If you purchased any Blue Buffalo dog food product in the last four years, fill out the form on this page to see if you have a claim. Petsumer Report tells the ‘rest of the story’ on over 5,000 cat foods, dog foods, and pet treats. Example: see that the only conclusion you can come to is that there is no definitive canned foods. Her main diet has been Blue Buffalo dry dog food as we were attempting to feed her a high quality food without grains, fillers, preservatives, and slaughterhouse additives. You Might Want to …, I Want to Know What Love Is (1999 Remaster), Blue Buffalo Dog Food | Reviews – Ratings – Recalls in 2020, Blue Buffalo Pet Food Recall History (Fully Updated …, BREAKING NEWS: Blue Buffalo Admits To Lying About …, Blue Buffalo Agrees to Pay $32 Million in Settlement …, UPDATE: Lawsuit Against Blue Buffalo Dog Food Dismissed by …, Blue Buffalo Dog Food Lawsuit: Everything You Should Know, Railroad: What It Is, What It Does : The Introduction to Railroading, Purina v Blue Buffalo Lawsuit Update – Truth about Pet Food, What the Buddha Taught: Revised and Expanded Edition with Texts from Suttas and Dhammapada, Blue Buffalo Admits to Bull****ing Pet Parents; Lawsuit …, Blue Buffalo Gets Slammed by a **** Storm of Lawsuits …, Blue Buffalo Lawsuit – They Lied About Food | Horse Moms, Blue Buffalo Pet Food Ingredients Class Action Settlement …. Is Peppermint Oil Safe For Dogs To Breathe? Buffalo. thing you need to do is to read and follow the ingredients, as you would for I am beyond sickened & grievous to even think of it! New lawsuit challenges Blue Buffalo’s claims of “protein-rich” stating a “small bowl” of Blue Buffalo dog food “contains more carbohydrate than a wild grey wolf is likely to consume in an entire lifetime.” Filed in New York, Blue Buffalo is facing a class action lawsuit regarding the pet food’s marketing and challenging the high carbohydrate levels of kibble. This is cat food not dog food though. I am sooo upset right now! In addition to supposedly rampant canine obesity, carb consumption can exacerbate diabetes, the case says, noting that high levels of blood glucose can be toxic to dogs.

Peas (1/4) According to the lawsuit, though Blue Buffalo claims its Blue Wilderness products are “inspired by the diet of wolves,” wild wolves consume “little or no dietary carbohydrate [s],” which the case says are fattening and unhealthy for dogs and fundamentally linked to canine obesity, diabetes and cancer. I always tell people to just feed a premium food that does not contain corn, by-products, and artificial colors and flavors.

Dr. Carol offers traditional veterinary care for dogs and cats with a softer, natural touch. which now has me wondering. Eggs (1/4) Call our Office Today at (866) 372-2765 or complete this Form to Email our Office. Thank you! Emphasizing the difference between diet of a wolf and the Blue Wilderness dog food (marketed with images of wolves). anxious and clingy.

Pet food maker Blue Buffalo has agreed to pay $32 million to settle a group of class action lawsuits filed on behalf of consumers who said the company's products made their pets ill. The lawsuit looks to cover consumers in New York who bought Blue Buffalo Company’s Blue Wilderness dog food within the relevant statute of limitations period. Here’s an actual can of dog food. It’s been 2 years since his passing & I’m still not over it, as I cry writing this. Accordingly, Blue Buffalo’s claims that its dog food products are healthy and nutritious for dogs are deceptive and may be unlawful. Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. faces a proposed class action that alleges the marketing and labeling of its Blue Wilderness line of dog food products is deceptive in that it falsely relays that a diet high in carbohydrates is good for dogs.

Click Here. UPDATE 3/28/18: The class action lawsuit against Blue Buffalo Pet Products has been dismissed. Please let me know any info? We have some of the old cat food to be tested for lead or any toxins that may lead to or cause diabetes, and/or extreme weight loss. First, some background on the Blue Buffalo brand. Contact us:, Blue Buffalo Company Hit with Class Action Over Dietary …, Dog Food Lawsuit 2020: Blue Buffalo Sued Over Claims Its …. Thanks for this notification Susan! The company offers a variety of meats, including beef, lamb, pork, turkey, and chicken, and the company has made the necessary decisions to source those items from organic sources. I had 3 dogs (1 my service dog, the other 2 were wolf mix) that ate BB most of their lives… At 1st all I bought was the grain free & didnt switch to the chicken rice untip their later years. certification standards for organic.

Beef Liver (1/4) Blue Buffalo products include premium natural foods for dogs Your membership helps representatives attend meetings and voice consumer concerns with regulatory authorities. If your pet has become sick or has died you believe is linked to a pet food, it is important to report the issue to FDA and your State Department of Agriculture. Kibble is a convenience food and the high carbohydrate content is common knowledge and ignorance of it is willful ignorance due to fear of having to give up a convenience. Thank you, Susan, for all you do! Carbohydrate-rich dog food, according to the suit, can cause “profound blood glucose spikes,” whereas carb-restricted meals induce fewer changes to a dog’s insulin levels. Even if they were to win in court, is the person or company liable for the injuries and death that have occurred?eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',130,'0','0'])); Or, can you sue for the minor problem when the dog ingested a deadly amount of poison or died because of improper feeding practices? We also urge you to share this investigation with friends and family who may have purchased one of their products. (Large, Small, 20 lb Dog), Can Dog With Seresto Collar Sleep In Bed?

Does Blue Buffalo Dog Food Contain Toxic Levels of Lead? Click Here. Blue Buffalo products are more expensive than many other pet foods, but the makers of Blue Buffalo claim that the extra cost is justified because their products are healthy and nutritious for dogs and/or consistent with their dietary needs. “In one way or another, all of the marketing claims described above fail to reflect the scientifically-verified reality about the health effects that dietary carbohydrates have on the bodies of domestic dog,” the complaint states. Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation has agreed to consolidate seven false advertising class-action lawsuits filed against Blue Buffalo Co. Ltd. for misleading customers about the ingredients in its pet food. But my FIRST concern would be where did the protein come from! Knowing this can help you stop the exposure. Pet Food Recall History (2007 to present)

Want to try that formula over again. alternative, you should start by looking at recipes online for your dog. According to the lawsuit, though Blue Buffalo claims its Blue Wilderness products are “inspired by the diet of wolves,” wild wolves consume “little or no dietary carbohydrate[s],” which the case says are fattening and unhealthy for dogs and fundamentally linked to canine obesity, diabetes and cancer. You will want to also increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your dog’s diet. Click Here. General Mill’s (GIS) Blue Buffalo dog food has come under fire in a lawsuit, claiming it causes weight gain in dogs despite its healthy advertising. And this lawsuit addresses the concern of many pet owners, pet food manufacturers do not disclose the percentage of carbohydrates on pet food labels.

Read the latest letter to pet parents from the founder and chairman of the Blue Buffalo Company, in response to a lawsuit filed against them by Nestle Purina:. The bottom line is that, whether Blue Buffalo causes cancer in dogs, depends on the individual dog. Not sure how much better this one is ‘yet’ – but I will not buy any brand that has their mfg recalled, EVER! This is why one must take out the moisture content & then calculate what % of the remaining dry matter consists of carbs.

where there is an inflammation of the stomach lining. For years, the makers of Blue Buffalo dog food products have marketed and labeled their dog food products as healthy, nutritious, and consistent with dogs’ dietary needs. A proposed class action lawsuit filed in California against Blue Buffalo Pet Products, Inc. alleged that the dog food manufacturer knowingly made, marketed, and sold dog food contaminated with material and significant levels of lead. The 2020 ListSusan’s List of trusted pet foods. Not only are Defendant’s Blue Wilderness products high in carbohydrate content, but the high carbohydrate content of the products is hidden from consumers.

Buffalo for your puppy versus other pet food companies.

Moisture max 87% Even other “high quality, high-protein, low carb” foods contained peas, potatoes, rice, and gawd knows what else!

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