black river dexter ny fishing report

Lets examine the inside fishery first. © Copyright 1997-2020 Bill Saiff Outdoors. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the stream is open to the public. Carolina rigging of any scented plastic bait such as lizards can also be used to give these fish an alternative look. When this occurs it will test the limit of the lightweight sensitive gear used to feel this fish’s subtle pick-up. It is not uncommon to make contact with the Walleyes of this region throughout the entirety of the day. Welcome to Black River Bay Campgrounds located on the banks of the Black River just minutes from Watertown, and the Thousand Islands!. For those interested, there are also other fishing hotline/reports available for the region. to even be in the running. All year It is not uncommon to see a six year old fish reach the 10lb. The delta is marked by entrance buoys leading into the Black River from the bay. Preferred baits include body baits such as the Bomber Long A, Rapala J-11 and the Storm Thunderstick. So, please plan accordingly. During calm clear conditions traditional colored spinner blades are what work well on the worm rigs. The inside fishery occurs at the mouth of the Black River and is accessible with almost any size boat. These baits really get down and are a great choice for spring Walleye fishing. angler diary cooperators are needed for Seneca, Keuka, Canandaigua, Hemlock, and Canadice Lakes. These fish haunt the deeper, open water, where vast schools of alewives can be easily found. The waters that these anglers fished were the waters of the eastern end. Walleye. Black River from Dexter Dam upstream, Indian River: Black Bass. mark while fishing the delta. If you would like to contribute to the fishing report, or need more fishing information, or have any fishing/fishing equipment related questions, you can contact When you're on the water, please make sure there is ample room between you and your fellow anglers. Most who have taken our advice have benefited from the decision that they made. During these difficult times we are OPEN, however, in response to the COVID19 Pandemic we are implementing Safety Practices. The dock at Sandy Pond has been removed. Planer boards such as the Super Skis made by Prince Mastercraft will position lines away from the disturbance of the angler’s boat. Crankbaits such as PRADCO’s Wally Diver and deep diving Bombers will also account for their fair share of fish. Statewide Angling Regulations Apply. Black River Channel is a channel located just 2.7 miles from Sackets Harbor, in Jefferson County, in the state of New York, United States, near Pillar Point, NY. If you fish Canadice Lake, Canandaigua Lake, Conesus Lake, Hemlock Lake, Honeoye Lake, Keuka Lake or Seneca Lake and want to learn more about this program and how to sign up, please contact the Region 8 Fisheries office at (585) 226-5343, or on-line at Don't share a boat unless it is large enough so that all persons aboard can always remain at a minimum distance of six feet apart. Whether you’re spinning or baitcasting your chances of getting a bite here are good. Check out our Fishing Times chart to determine when the fish will be most active. Anglers usually drift from deep water, up the slope of the delta and then back down the other side. trips from $375 : Northeastern Sportfishing Charters . This takes advantage of the fish’s natural movement and presents the bait in an area where the Walleye feels comfortable. Good Luck Fishing! No other new information to report for these waters. Experience Great Northern Pike Action with the Saiff Charter Fleet! Under a new law, known as Brianna's Law, all motor boat operators will need a boating safety certificate. It is not uncommon to see a six year old fish reach the 10lb. Sandy Pond: Yellow Perch & Sunfish. Long thought of as an industrial river thanks to its turn-of-the-century heyday, the Black River has been redefined by paddlers, birdwatchers and anglers as an outdoor playground. When these two groups meet, spring anglers are the sole beneficiaries. behind their boats. Fish are spread throughout the river and are actively spawning. ... River Valley Charters . 3rd Sat in June through Nov 30. The river flow is 185 cfs as of October 22. Now get out there and fish! Visit Oswego County Tourism website (leaves DEC website) for more information on this and also for information on the life jacket loaner programs in the area. Providing ample distance helps to reduce the spread of colds, flu and COVID-19 and also contributes to an overall better angling experience. While these sizes may seem an exaggeration to many, those who fish the Black River Bay area see this scene repeated time after time. In 1995 the Cabela’s Pro Walleye Tour journeyed to Lake Ontario for it’s championship tournament. mark. Expect to encounter fish in the 3-7lb. Techniques that work year after year would include drifting worm rigs across the big river’s delta. Adjusting the bait to the depth of suspended fish is the key to getting the rods to fire. 10″ 5. Luhr Jensen has attacked this Walleye market with its own series called the Power Dive Minnow. We have been encouraging our Walleye fishing patrons to try the weekdays for the last three years. Several boats working a tightly packed group of fish can cause the action to diminish before it even gets started. For information on salmon fishing please see the Fishing for Pacific Salmon link under the Salmon River report. Silver/Blue and Gold can be deadly choices when used under the right conditions. Our numbers have dropped in recent years, and we need new cooperators now more than ever. This can be especially true when there are undue amounts of fishing pressure. Successful fishermen in the eastern basin employ trolling techniques which include planer boarding for these suspended fish. Try egg imitating plastics or flies, and streamers.

The size, shape and number of blades is purely the anglers choice but local bait shops will be able to tip the visiting angler to what is working best. For more information on fishing for salmon please view Pacific Salmon Fishing in Lake Ontario Tributaries. There are two distinct fisheries that exist in Black River Bay during the spring of the year. I am sure that the abundant schools of alewives are the primary reason that Lake Ontario Walleyes grow so big so quickly. Most fish encountered in the Outside Fishery will weigh between 7 and 13 lbs. Not including your pan fish, this is also a..." Black River, "The area between Altmar and Pulaski continues to see the most action, but fish are being taken..." Salmon River, "Steelhead and brown trout are still being caught Try fishing with egg sacs fished in the current up..." Oswego River. It's that time of year again when many anglers are putting down the fishing gear and heading to the woods. All rights reserved. plus) fish rip 100yds. Book Fishing and Hunting trips before the Sport Shows! A few of the web sites are: Wayne County Tourism, Visit Oswego County, and Oneida Lake Fishing Report (leaves DEC website). So grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to Black River Channel. Competitive anglers quickly realized that it would take daily 3-fish limits in excess of 30lbs. Warm water (bass, pike, etc.)

Marty suggests taking a good photo of your fish along with some key measurements and the fish’s weight. Unstable weather conditions seem to be the best for fast action. Water flow information by Brookfield Renewable Energy for the Salmon River can be found at the Brookfield Renewable website (leaves DEC website). It has been sent out to locations that sell licenses but unfortunately, because of COVID-19, many of these retailers are currently closed. Great savings on Dexter, New York fishing charters online. On calm days the flow will definitely move from the inside out (Northeast to Southwest)and this usually corresponds with the way that it should be drifted. ( May and October). Sportsmen should realize that most of the fish they are catching are naturally reproducing Walleyes that will need our help to maintain their strong foothold in Lake Ontario’s eastern end.

Everyone is free to fish on the weekends and pressure can be heavy. Walleye use shallow water expanses along the eastern end to spawn during the spring of the year. This gives them the opportunity to present their baits to the fish holding on the delta’s edge. Join us as we discuss the New York Fishing License options, fishing rules and fishing regulations. The shore bite has started so casting stickbaits (minnow imitating lures) just before and after dark has been working for walleye. Tips, tactics, gear reviews for everything from bass and bluegills to stripers and bluefish - if it's fishing related, we cover it. Fiberglass mounts look great and a great reproductive resource can be live released. It truly is a Walleye Bonanza! When these fish are on the hit expect the action to be very fast. Many fishermen realize that a different presentation is sometimes all that is needed to send these waiting fish into a feeding frenzy. The New York State Freshwater Fishing Regulations Guide runs from April 1st of the current year to March 30th of the following year. All of these baits can be obtained in both shallow and deep diving models. mark. Eastern Finger Lakes Angler Diary Cooperator Reports, Western Finger Lakes Angler Diary Reports, Hydrilla Information Cornell Cooperative Extension. 213, or on-line at It is a hands on approach where fishermen can use more traditional tactics to slip a net under a really big “Eye”. A few steelhead and brown trout are also starting to show up. Camping and COVID19. Steelhead, and some brown trout, are starting to be taken in the lower and mid-river areas. Remember, the bridge to Leto Island is closed, and there are mandatory personal flotation device (PFD) zones on the river.

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