amen pagan origin

Even within individual regions, states, or cities, there are often variations in how a given word might be pronounced by different individuals or groups. Very ancient tongues. The Hebrew word translated “amen“ means verily, truly, so be it. ���ڋW?^Z+Uv��X.��=����*׌�#�^�Ѯ�Y/����UI�qKi�$ “From the end of the New Kingdom, Thebes was known in Egyptian as Niwt-Imn, the “City of Amun”. But there is absolutely no evidence to link the Hebrew word amen –meaning “truth” or “so be it” — in any way to this or any other pagan deity. Yet, it’s alleged in misleading articles on some Internet websites that the word translated “amen” in English versions of the Bible is the name of a pagan Egyptian deity and should not be used by Christians. The root word âman is used in such senses as being faithful (1 Samuel 2:35; Isaiah 8:2); and believing or having faith (Exodus 4:31; Isaiah 7:9), as well as other related uses. Amen, was first used in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, and it means "so be it". What is paramount is the meaning of the word, whatever its precise pronunciation. 3:14). But the two words are spelled differently and pronounced differently, and most importantly, have completely different meanings. Of course, if we attribute existence or power to some mythical god in our minds as we use it, we are using it wrongly and not the way those who wrote the Bible did. Why Was Barnabas Called The Son Of Encouragement? In this case, the third (from the right) letter (ו) takes the form of a vowel, transliterated into the English letter “o.” Thus the transliteration of the word is ‘âmôn, pronounced aw-mone’. Q: "Is Amen' the name of a pagan idol? Of course not! It was a primary place of worship for the god Amon. The Hebrew spelling of the name of the Egyptian god, however, is אמון (see Jeremiah 46:25; Nahum 3:8). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Both the Hebrew word “amen” and the Egyptian word for their god “Amon” (transliterated into English in a variety of ways) appear in the Old Testament. Amun was the chief of the Theban Triad of gods whose other members were Mut and Khonsu. But such a connection is not found in more reputable sources of information. Yet, it’s alleged in misleading articles on some Internet websites that the word translated “amen” in English versions of the Bible is the name of a pagan Egyptian deity and should not be used by Christians. The woman was taken to the priest, and the priest put her under oath. It’s asserted that the Hebrews borrowed the word translated “amen” from the Egyptians and incorporated it into their language.

Most if not all of these understand “No” in this verse to be a name applied to the city called Thebes by the Greeks, where a statue and temple of Amon were erected.

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