50ml bourbon sampler

The most expensive I've seen in person is Woodford.

I'm a fan of minis, and when I was in Scotland bought a couple that weren't low-end (like a Glendronach 21yr Parliament - which I liked well enough to buy a whole bottle then). I have a bit of a drinking problem solution. How about if limited or allocated stuff went into 50ml bottles? Yes, blasphemy for many. I've purchased the Angel's Envy and Blanton's mini on occasion. Pleasantly sweet to the taste with notes of brown sugar and spice that give way to oak, toffee, dark fruit and anise. The collection has survived a few moves, and 15+ years in the attic.

I guess our friends on the other side of the ocean still think it's a good idea.

Sometimes I add more than a splash of water or on the rocks or even mix it when I want some caffeine ... more sacrilege.

Choose Options. I think the Easter season is perfect for Malort.

Bushmills Black Bush Blend 50 ml Miniature. I also was Ubering home after the flight. This whiskey finishes long and smooth... Buffalo Trace Distillery - Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved try that on google shopping, for example. How about a flight of all the VW brands. Compare. I have never found those airline bottles to be particularly helpful because a sample that small is far too little for me to reach a definitive judgment either pro or con.

It's easy!

Frankly HORRIBLE! It has been my experience that 50ml mini (a.k.a. MoM bottles their own samples of some pretty high end stuff. Choose Options.

I don't like honey that much and I was close to pouring it out.

It was OK but for a Scotch, I'd much sooner have Ardbeg 10.

On the plane, I started off with the 2 JB white labels. After a month away from home, I wanted to "imbibe freely and copiously". Smaller bottles mean more people can try it. I started with the WT and EW bottles in the airport, neat, poured in a plastic cup.

It's basically the same format as the dusty Bourbon Heritage Collection minis.

I've never drank horse piss before, but I imagine it tastes like JB Honey. I'm with you. Moderator and and Bourbonian Of The Year 2016. $4.99. It has been my experience that 50ml mini (a.k.a. Breckenridge Bourbon, 50ml. Then on to the JB Apples. But I thoroughly enjoy the taste and it gets the job done for ~$.63 per 50ml drink.

Also delicious (9 out of 10) and paired well with John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch on Netflix. Frankly,  I'm surprised that the collection survived. This deep amber whiskey has a complex aroma of vanilla, mint and molasses. I started with 4 old refilled 50ml bottles: 1 with WT101, 2 with EW BiB, 1 with EW black label (which for $20 / handle in FL is the best deal ever IMO). This is the highest end mini I've found.

There are some pretty cool, and unique bottles, (Corvoisier cannon, baby bottles w/vodka, bullfighters, and weirdly shaped bottles.

But I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so to each his own.

I used to rely on the affordability and (for me) easy drinkability of Jim Beam white label.

By I now buy Old Crow regularly for $22 / handle.

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I wish more would do 200 mls. But I've never tried these and at $.75 a drink vs $3 for some of their other 50ml bottles, I decided to try them and post my review here. I might suggest staying away at any cost. Just finished a 1oz sample of EC18 that I got from MoM back in the day (absolutely delicious, BTW!). $5.99.

Back on topic. Online I had seen some old RHF minis. A few months ago at a Buffalo Trace tasting we saw a fellow Bourbon Sipper, John Cuni do something incredible. It's  pretty damned cute. No matter what the occasion our small batch Bourbon Gifts are the perfect present. We talk about bourbon, rye, or any American whiskey here (yes, even Jack). I had a 3 hour flight home late last Saturday night, with 2-3 hours wait in the airport prior. I am ok with drinking flavored whiskey now and then, but typically stick with straight spirits.

SWMBO says it's time to clear out these little beauties.

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Laphroaig 10, if you please.


Pursuant to my frugality, I wasn't about to spend $10+ a drink at an airport bar or $7 a drink on Spirit for Jack.

Instead of one 750ml bottle it into fifteen 50ml minis. We painstakingly dipped the necks in paraffin, back in '82, to help prevent evaporation.

Today I was in Meijer.

This could be great for small or craft distillers too (at least for those making something good).

In the early 1990s the Bourbon Heritage Collection had minis, but that was like a one off deal. airline) bottles are almost always bottom shelf brands. May you all enjoy your drinks at whichever price point works best for you! You’re one sick puppy M. I used to.......uh oh. One 50 ml of our Bourbon Aged Maple Syrup. I'm not sure why. I don't see the distilleries wanting to screw around with the packaging of their mid-upper shelf items. This whiskey finishes long and smooth... Read More.

I have always thought it would be great if BT would offer a BTAC set or a Blanton's set.

I went to Walfart before my flight to get a few more 50ml bottles. I enjoy and appreciate "good" bourbons (>$30 / fifth), but I'm budget conscious, attempt to be frugal, and spend entirely too much on alcohol.

I'm also aware that at one time there were some Blanton's minis. Buy this small individual bourbon aged maple syrup to introduce your friends and family to your favorite syrup.

(not sure what a case qty would be, but it wouldn't be a dozen or two) Maybe asking distilleries to do like what HH did with 5 - 200ml in a set would stand a better chance. I've never bought one, but man, if I passed on that little guy in the past, I definitely regret it now.

PaulO, April 2 in General Bourbon Discussion. I've thought about picking up a 50ml Johnny Walker Blue for $20 out of curiosity since I'll never buy a bottle.

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