2020 dime errors

My name is David Vega on January 15, 2020: I have a 1961 p dime that inside looks like a penny or it's inside of a penny.

Proof Dimes, like the one above, are generally worth more than normal minted dimes, but they can only be purchased with Proof Sets. Shipped with USPS Price reflects Auc tion last sold prices, pennies on the dollar. I disagree. On reverse side we’re it says one dime missing third stock and the word in between two and three stocks, I have a dime 2015 D mint mark the dime has like scratches on front and on back the dime is smooth no jagged edges pretty sure made like that and on the letters on the back are only half the letters other half gone, I have a 1955 rosevelt dime it is larger than the other dimes it weigh .25 grams instead of .23 and its solid silver you can tell it looks looks a proof dime.

Mint error collector's facts and recource. Jason Baker on December 17, 2019:. I have a 2014 D dime with the face barely pressed. There are 1 items available. FULL IMAGE, in focus, correctly orientated, cropped so just the coin shows, both obverse and reverse, and then close ups any any areas of question. One red flag against a coin having a clad layer is when both sides of the coin appear to…, 1998 Wide AM – 1999 Wide AM – 2000 Wide AM Lincoln Cent Pennies 1992 and 1992-D Close AM (Normal Issues are supposed to be wide AM) All issues from 1959-1992 should have wide AM in AMERICA Here are the…, Sacagawea and Presidential Dollars can have weak edge lettering and is a mint error that carries a premium. If the coin is uncirculated and not certified they’re worth $1.25 to $2 each. Report this Post to the Staff. Nice misprint. Not a Cud. Paul Nickel, of Quora three year writer, 6,500 answers to date on November 09, 2019: Two US dimes exist, these are almost identical, I own one, I would like to find the other fellow, the obverse on these is almost perfectly matched on my 2003 and his 2018, both of these have a mermaid shaped distortion on reverse 6mmx1.6mm it was thought that this was a post mint damage issue but this is no longer a possibility, at the image resolution possible at most sites, its kinda hard to get an appreciative look, we now see that the error actually can happen but is going to be pretty rare, as the event causing it is unlikely and we think will only ve seen on small thin planchet types. These rolls contained a very large amount of error coins. Nationally Recognized Roosevelt Dime Errors—These Roosevelt Dime Error coins were released directly into circulation. Another mid-1960s transitional error, the 1965 silver Roosevelt dime is a rare and valuable piece with only a few known examples. Only the 1982-D…, A doubled die happens during the pressing process when the die itself is created and not during the strike of the coin. These coins were minted at the San Francisco Mint and were never released directly into circulation. I'm a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) and have won multiple awards from the NLG for my work as a coin journalist. Cracks appear as raised irregular or jagged lines at the crack’s location, and can distort legends and other parts of the coin’s design. I have a 1967 Roosevelt dime that is not stamped on the backside. Rolled In Metal Mint Error Rolled in metal or metal inclusion occurs when a piece of slag metal falls onto the alloy stock and then the stock is rolled into coil stock the same thickness as the intended planchets…, Unplated Zinc Planchet Mint Error Unplated Zinc planchet or coin occurs when part of the planchet coil stock is not plated and then punched out as a blank. Miscellaneous Dime Errors—Every year, a handful of dimes containing a wide range of errors will escape from the mint. I will post a few examples to help here there too. When the planchet punching press does not advance the metal coinage strip properly, the resulting strokes may overlap previously punched out metal and produce planchets that are incomplete, or “clipped”. Value of Roosevelt Dimes. Coins for sale for Other Errors type Errors items. I'm the Coin Editor here at TheFunTimesGuide. I have a Roosevelt dime that has a year stamp of 1591...is that valuable? The 2020-W quarters are being released from the West Point Mint and can be found only in circulation! Many times called mint errors, error coins come in scores of "shapes, sizes and types." Buy & Sell. I have two dimes minted together one heads the other tails each having a blank side, I have a 1980 D mint Dime the We in "In God we trust" is on the edge of the coin as well the zero in 1980, I have a2011 Roosevelt dime letters from Lincoln cents onrim across in God we trust transparent face on neck think Lincoln need help to know what kind of error. Any information would be appreciated. Utilizing a keen eye, there are many valuable Roosevelt Dimes that can be found in circulation. Plus on the rear of the coin eplurbusunum is doubled also. Liberty 5 cent 1977 D with the full steps in aANU, I have a 54 no mint dime and on the reverse side is a wheat penny, I have a 1966 without the mint mark and a 1975. I have a dime with a raised rim smaller then a regular dime how much is it wortf. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. I cant read the rest of the date. View cart for details. No additional import charges at delivery! Weak Edge Lettering errors can be worth from $20 to several hundred depending on the grade, date and mint mark. The nicest 2020-W quarters — those grading Mint State-68 or better can bring more than $500. His head and I think a lil star next to it I have some pretty bad ass error coins you can check them out on Pinterest or letgo. I think we'll need some pics to help you evaluate these finds.

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